The plot thickens

Following on from my previous post I have now found out that the ‘concern’ about my son’s attendance has originated from the school’s Board of Governors not my LA as I previously thought.  According to the head the Board are going through pupil’s attendance figures with a fine nit comb and picking out those whose attendance is low.  They argue that there is a huge pressure on places and that because my son’s poor attendance is low this is indicative of the school “not meeting need” (?).  Consequently she says we have to look for alternative provision thereby freeing up his place for someone else.

What the head didn’t say and what I have subsequently found out is that a recent Ofsted report have stated that ‘low attendance’ was one of the reasons why the school did not receive  an outstanding inspection.  Interesting eh and no doubt indicative of a big attitudinal shift in the school and the Board of Governors who are clearly chasing an outstanding report.

I am disgusted that after all this time helping my  son to integrate into the school that two little words on an Ofsted report have triggered such a negative change in attitude towards him.  As many of you know, my son has come a long way from the days when he was agoraphobic and unable to leave the house to now being able to attend school part time.  I am convinced that if he hadn’t got a place in his special school he would not have come on as he has.  Indeed my son often says how much he “loves” his school which considering his earlier experiences in mainstream  is an amazing turn around.

Unfortunately the school doesn’t seem to care about my son or what he thinks.  They continue to insist that they can’t meet need which frankly is a load of crap.  They can meet need;  they’re just under pressure from a Board of Governors who are more bothered by improving their Ofsted ranking than the wellbeing of their pupils.

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One Response to The plot thickens

  1. Karen says:

    Deb I just wish I knew what to say. Obviously I know that you will fight this with every breath in your body, but as a special school the governors should be lined up and shot! It’s desirable, of course, to have the best possible ofsted ranking, but never at the expense of the pupils. That is the lowest of the low. Going to share everywhere. The more people that know the better.


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