Travesty of the SEN system – part one

We had a review meeting for our daughter recently as we’ve become increasingly concerned about her education.  She is only receiving 3-4 hours of LA-provided home tuition a week which hardly covers anything plus she’s missing out on all the other things children get to do when they’re at school.

So, as part of the ‘lets all work together’ process we wrote our report and education did theirs and then we met up.  We sat around a table in a magnolia painted room and were cordially offered bitter coffee and some rather nice biscuits.  We reiterated our report and they reiterated theirs and we (I thought) came to the conclusion that the current shitty provision was not meeting need.  There were certainly some nods and grunts that suggested so.

So I said that we had to move away from the goal of forcing encouraging my daughter to have her home-based lessons in the pupil referral unit (she hates it there) and instead look for a school for her.  In fact my daughter has said many a time that she wants to be with other children her own age in a school rather than in a unit with kids from across the secondary spectrum.  Who can blame her.  As a 11/12 year old would you want to be taught alongside 15/16 year olds?  I wouldn’t.

So I gave them a name of a local special school that I thought was a good fit for my daughter but, surprise, surprise, it didn’t go down well.  The ‘I am the inclusion person who knows nothing about inclusion’ immediately become defensive and replied that it is unlikely that my daughter would get a place at this school as it’s full (but would try anyhow).  He then added that even if the school did have vacancies my daughter has to show that she’s school-ready and he didn’t think she was school-ready.  I was quite annoyed by this because her so-called school readiness has been impacted by poor tutoring and insufficient hours which is hardly my daughter’s fault!

It just feels like an excuse in my opinion, an attempt to deflect from the fact that the LA don’t know what to do with her.  They know that there is little or no local provision for children like my daughter which is why they want us to hang around with home tuition but 3 to 4 hours a week is hardly sufficient.

This is why we’re looking for a school.  More to follow.


My heart is heavy at the moment.  A very special young man named LB passed away a few days ago.  I’ve been following his tales through his mum’s blog for a while so reading about his premature death has shocked and saddened me.  It’s a credit to Sara’s blog that readers such as myself got to know what a wonderful young man LB was and why we are so moved by his passing.  My deepest condolences to Sara and her family.

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  1. Sarasiobhan says:

    Thank you..I appreciate this.

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