The academy and the admissions policy – an update

You may remember this post in which I told you about the academy that is proposing to change its admissions policy.  It wanted to alter the criteria in favour of pupils in two Church of England schools rather than those living in the catchment area.  The proposals have caused huge controversy and have been publicly criticised by parents and councilors.  As a result the academy has agreed not to give preference to one of the schools.  However, this is only a small concession.  Children coming from the other faith school will continue to have precedence over those children living locally.

Not surprisingly, there continues to be massive criticism about the way the academy is behaving.  What was considered to be a fair admissions policy that served the local community is now in danger of becoming one that is influenced by religion.  Indeed concerns have been raised that if pupils living further away from the academy get priority over those living closer because they attend a CoE school then that might constitute discrimination under the Equality Act.

However, all is not lost.  The organisers of the local campaign group are taking the matter further and will be appealing to the Office of the Schools Adjudicator.  I will let you know the outcome as I feel it is important that as parents we are aware of the power of academies and what we can do if they step out of line.

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2 Responses to The academy and the admissions policy – an update

  1. PennyB says:

    I’m pleased that you’re highlighting this case.

    I am one of the parents objecting to the admission arrangements at the academy concerned and am hoping that the Schools Adjudicator considers all the implications of the case.

    It has become clear to me now that academies have too much power and too little regulation. They act like private schools, but are publicly funded. The local electorate has no say over how academies are run. Indeed, the directors and governors will only consider what is in the best interest of the academy rather than serving the local community as a whole.

  2. Pinkoddy says:

    School admissions are such a major nightmare aren’t they!

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