Moving on

We’ve had the funeral and we’re trying to move on but it’s hard.  We all have our own memories and we’re all missing my mother-in-law in different ways.  It doesn’t help that we still don’t know why she died; the PM was inconclusive and now we’re awaiting the results  of further tests.  There is still a lot of shock amongst family and friends but at least we’ve said our goodbyes.  The funeral was simple; a celebration of her life and the things she had achieved.  It was well attended.  The weather was also stunning.  Snow still clung to the edges of the fields and yet masses of tiny daffodils were bursting into life along the grass verges.  As cold as it was it felt as though spring was on its way.  It made the day a little bit easier.

Thank you to everyone for their kind comments; it is much appreciated.

Deb x

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3 Responses to Moving on

  1. Theramblingpages says:

    Hope you are doing OK, I’ve been a bit snowed under recently but still reading my regular blogs and just wanted to say Hi and let you know my thoughts are with you c

  2. Thinking of you: the sharp pain of loss does recede, and eventually their memory does not stop your world any more, and you can think of them and your loss and it becomes part of your life xx

  3. Jim Reeve says:

    I hope things work out for you and your family. I remember when my dad passed away, it was raining, but then it became sunny and I began to feel better. I hope the daffodils did the same for you.

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