Bullying is a subject close to my heart.  My son was badly bullied a few years ago by a crowd of young people who lived down our road.  It was an awful experience for him and for us and not one I wish on anyone.  You can read more about our experience here.

Unfortunately bullying is commonplace in our society, whether at school, in our communities, online or in the workplace.  Bullying can happen to anyone, anywhere and at any time but unfortunately it is a particular problem experienced by people on the autism spectrum.

Kevin Healey who is on the autism spectrum knows only too well what bullying is like.  He has been bullied as a child, teenager and now as an adult.  More recently he has been the target of cyber bullying and death threats.  As Kevin writes in this article, things became so serious that he couldn’t leave his house for three months and he was forced to get help from the police and a solicitor.  Fortunately he has found a way of dealing with the trolls and has now moved on from those dark days to continue to campaign for the rights of adults on the autism spectrum.  Indeed such is his success as a campaigner that he has won various awards including Charity Champion of the year 2007 and Stoke on Trent Citizen of the year 2006.

More recently he has set up an anti bullying autism campaign which aims to change the law on bullying whether it’s bullying in the workplace, university or online.  I am pleased to support Kevin’s campaign.  Our children are only children for a short while; they will soon become adults with autism and who will be there to protect them when we’re not around?  This is why it’s imperative that we shout out about the bullying of autistic people and work towards getting laws passed that will protect these people from cruel and inhuman treatment.

But to do that we all need to support  Kevin’s campaign and there are many ways we can do that.  We can:-

1. Sign the petition on twitter: http://twitition.com/x76kf/

2. Use hashtags in our tweets #kevsautismcampaign #antiautismbullying #autismbullying

3. Follow the live tweets on http://twubs.com/kevsautismcampaign

You can also follow Kevin on twitter @kevin_healey and read more about his campaign on http://www.autism-campaign.co.uk/autism-bullying-campaign/

So please, if you have a moment, spread the word and help get Kevin’s campaign trending.


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