Midweek Rants

OK, I have my ranty hat on.  I’ve read a number of articles this week that have left me wanting to have my say about certain things.  So, I though I’d group them into one big ranty post.

1.  Apparently, according to research, statemented children with SEN are being segregated in mainstream primary school and receiving a poorer education as a result.  The researchers argue that too many SEN children are not getting enough contact with their teachers and are spending too much time with a TA.  As a result they are not making progress in the core subjects unlike their peers.  What do you think of this?  What bothers me most about this research is the assumption that because a teacher is a teacher that they are the most qualified to support a SEN child.  They aren’t always the ones most equipped to support children like mine.  How we define who is most qualified to support a statemented child is not necessarily dependent on training but on experience and/or an ability to engage with a child.  If someone can’t engage with a child then they are unlikely to teach them effectively.  Read this post if you want to see what I mean.  Saying that though I do think more SEN/disability training should be made available to both teachers and TA’s.

2. I found Woman’s Hour’s Powerlist a depressing read.  Out of 100, I only recognised about a quarter of them and even then I wondered what it was that made them so ‘special’.  If you read the profiles you will find that many have achieved success through wealth and privilege.  Is that something we should be celebrating; wouldn’t it be much better to celebrate the contributions of all women in society rather than the lucky few?  It also rather depressingly sends a message that you have to have a career to be determined powerful.  What about motherhood; isn’t that one of the most powerful roles a woman can have and  if so why isn’t it represented in this list?  I came away from that list feeling crap as a woman, that all the work I do supporting my children and family counts for not very much.  Gee, thanks Woman’s Hour.

3.  Did you know that some research has shown that middle class children are more likely to be obese than those from poor backgrounds.  Apparently the research which involved over 13,000 schoolchildren found that children living in the most deprived and most affluent areas of Leeds are at the lowest risk.  So what does this tells us; that obesity is a middle-class issue?  Only a few weeks ago we heard a MP saying it was a poverty issue.  Some rather mixed messages there I think.  The point is why  do people insist on making everything a class issue? Surely research that looks at diet is more beneficial in helping to educate the public than a report that encourages yet more class division.  Things like how bad are our breakfast cereals, should sweeteners be put in fuit squashes, is margarine bad for you, what crap is in our bread?  And of course the most pressing question: just how corrupted is our food chain?  Answers to these sort of questions might go some way in addressing some of the country’s obesity problems.

So there you have it; my mid weekly rants.  Is there anything in the news that has caught your eye that has made you grrr with irritation or anger?  Love to hear from you.

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3 Responses to Midweek Rants

  1. JuliesMum says:

    I love the idea of a midweek rant! All these chimed with me. I also find that powerlist depressing, and not at all enabling.

    It seems to be the season for rants. This week I found a very entertaining Lego rant at http://wineandcheesedoodles.wordpress.com/2013/02/20/screw-you-sensei-wu-a-lego-rant/.

  2. I’ll avoid the SEN issue as it’s too close to home this week, but the powerlist I had not heard of, and I only recognise about 15 names on the list, though obviously being in Ireland is part of that, but I would also get the same impression as you about their backgrounds. The obesity thing drives me nuts. It all seems to be about blaming consumers and letting big companies off the hook. So often there is little intelligent analysis and it’s all about the same old stereotypes: the media equivalent of “rounding up the usual suspects ” x

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