A happy mum moment

Even though life can be very difficult at times there are many moments when my children make me smile.  I don’t often record them here as I feel they are very private but I thought I’d share this one as it really was a laugh out loud moment (for me anyway).


LOCATION: the Easter egg aisle in our local supermarket

Son (looking at the boxes of cream eggs): Are you depressed mum?

Me: No.

Son: Are you sure?

Me: Yes I’m sure.

Son: Are you really sure?

Me: Yes I’m really sure.

Son: Mum, I think you’re depressed and need a cream egg.

Me: No I’m not depressed and I don’t need a cream egg.

Son: A cream egg will make you feel better Mum.

Me: No it won’t; I’m not depressed.

Son: Go on admit it, you’re depressed.

Me: No I’m not depressed and I don’t need a cream egg… (pause)… but I think it’s you that wants a cream egg isn’t it?

Son: (giggles)

Me: Well I’m sorry but you can’t have a cream egg today.  You had a chocolate chip cookie earlier.

He didn’t say anything to that though I detected a look on his face that suggested he knew he had been caught out.  In silence we then moved on to the dairy aisle but inside I was jumping for job because 1) we had managed to go to the supermarket without a meltdown 2) I had a conversation with my son and 3) my son accepted being told that he couldn’t have a cream egg!

Success all round.  It really was a happy mum moment.


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One Response to A happy mum moment

  1. Joanne says:

    Lovely, it gives me hope after a very painful evening last night when our 11 year old Aspie wanted an I-phone and new designer glasses. Defiantly not practical, feasible or advisable, we had the meltdown.

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