A Winter Walk

After two days of snow we couldn’t resist a walk in our local park.  Clad in our woolies we  went for a two mile round walk, crunching through the snow and throwing the odd snowball.  It was idyllic walking through this winter landscape.  There is something special about a fresh snowfall; it blots out imperfections and creates a silence that is soothing.  I just love it.

(My photos are not taken in black or white; it was snowing at the time and the light was poor so this is how they’ve come out but I think you get a sense of the wintry weather we’re having at the moment.)


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2 Responses to A Winter Walk

  1. Blue sky says:

    Oh they’re really lovely photos, and it’s great to hear that your kids will go out :)

  2. Jim Reeve says:

    We too enjoy winter walks, as long as its not too cold. I especially like it when there’s no footprints at all. It’s like we’re the only ones in the world.

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