A winter visitor

I know I’m posting a lot at the moment but I couldn’t resist posting this photograph of a fieldfare.  Forced into the garden due to the severe weather I found him perched in our apple tree nibling at the remains of a rotting apple.

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4 Responses to A winter visitor

  1. “A winter visitor | Aspie in the family” was truly enjoyable and insightful!
    In modern world that is tricky to accomplish. Thank you, Kazuko

  2. JuliesMum says:

    That is such a gorgeous picture! We had one in our garden too but it was way beyond my abilities to take a picture of him. Loved your collage of photos from your walk too – really atmospheric.

  3. That is the most stunning picture I have ever seen. I can’t get my head around all your snow as we are experiencing a very hot summer of around daily 35 degree celcius! :)

  4. Jim Reeve says:

    Beautiful. We live by the water and we often see many animals during the warmer months. We’ve seen swans, many birds and even a beaver. But it’s nice to see a bird like that in the snow.

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