A Happy Christmas to you all

Just a short blog to wish you all a happy Christmas and to thank you for reading my blog posts.  A special thank you to those who have taken the time to comment or reply to me either on this blog, through email or twitter.  I love hearing from you and really appreciate the time you have taken to make contact.

Now though is a time for me to take a break.  The year has been an exhausting one for me and I really need some time to recharge my batteries.  I don’t have much planned over the Christmas except a pile of books to read (and some to review for you) so please keep an eye out for these next year.  Except for my reading, I am approaching Christmas with a laid back attitude which essentially means staying at home not doing a great deal.  This works best for my children and if it helps them to feel calm and relaxed then I will be happy.

For now, I wish you all a happy and restful Christmas.

Deb xx

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3 Responses to A Happy Christmas to you all

  1. JuliesMum says:

    Happy Christmas Deb! Hope the kids have a great time – and you get some time to relax and read your way through all those books.

  2. Good for you – enjoy your laid back Christmas! Thanks for all your great blog posts this year. Wishing you a very happy 2013 x

  3. Jim Reeve says:

    I too love this time of year. Hopefully I’ll be Able to relax just like you. But my son may have other ideas.

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