Please support Anti-Bullying Week 2012

I have received this email from Beat Bullying, the UK’s leading bullying prevention charity and, as it’s anti-bullying week, I’d like to share it with you.


Dear Supporter,

You can change a child’s life with a donation of £2.79 today. £2.79 is the amount it costs for us to be able to reach out and support a child online through CyberMentors providing them with instant access to someone they can talk to, allowing them to share their fears and experiences of being bullied, get support and advice, and reach out for the vital help they need.

Bullying can not only make daily life intolerable for many children it can also damage their self-esteem, impact on their educational attainment and affect how they develop in the longer term. Our lead programme, CyberMentors, is proven to reduce bullying, improve the students’ wellbeing and lower truancy rates in unprecedented levels. CyberMentors also provides an online community of help and support for those affected by bullying, with both peer and professional support online from 8am until 2am every day. Every day our team, including over 7,000 CyberMentors across the UK, provide support whether you are nervous about your first day or pushed to the brink of suicidal thoughts, your money will not only help to change lives but also to save them.

This anti-bullying week, 19th-23rd November, we are asking all of our supporters to donate the cost of a latte to allow us to reach out to and support one more child online, helping them at the moment they need it the most and taking a stand to make bullying unacceptable.

Make a difference today and donate now.

To find out more about what schools and young people across the country are doing to make bullying unacceptable and visit us at

On behalf of all the children we work with online thank you,

The BeatBullying team

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2 Responses to Please support Anti-Bullying Week 2012

  1. Great idea, thanks for sharing. It’s always a worry….

  2. Jazzygal says:

    Excellent… I have an anti-bullying post in the wings just waiting for an airing…

    Is it just the UK I wonder? I thought we had such a week earlier in the year here in Ireland.

    xx Jazzy

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