Mum bloggers – why cupcakes, knitting and breastfeeding matter

After reading the DM article about mom bloggers, I really feel the need to have my say.  Up to now I haven’t been drawn into reacting to articles like this, believing them to be deliberately written to provoke a reaction but now I’m starting to get fed up of people trying to undermine mothers who blog.  Ever since I started blogging two years ago, I keep coming across periodic attempts to criticise mums for writing about their lives.  The latest piece is typical for this, describing mum bloggers as “little women” who are more interested in cupcakes, knitting and breastfeeding than to care about changing the world.

Well as a special needs ‘mum blogger’ I care about changing the world; that is why I blog.  I care about improving the experiences of families like mine, that is why I blog.  And whilst I am under no pretences that I alone can change the outcome for families like mine, I can contribute to debate.  As I’ve said many a time, discussion is important because it has the power to inform others and to change opinions.  Throw in several thousand followers on twitter and facebook then the opportunity for even wider conversation on important issues becomes something none of us can afford to ignore.

But its not just about affecting social change as important as this is.  It is also about sharing our experiences of motherhood; the baking, the sewing, running a home and raising our children.  These things are important because these are the things that help mums to connect with other mums.  Just as in my mother’s day when women would chat over the garden fence or at the school gate, today’s women also congrugate online.  A technological development that has extended opportunities for mothers to have a voice is surely to be welcomed.

Unfortunately it seems that there are a number of people who are too ready to undermine this.  Why I don’t know.  With so many millions of blogs out there I have to wonder why mom bloggers are the target?  Is it because people are jealous of the success of the mum blogger or is it that people don’t see mum blogging as anything more than a twee hobby?  Whatever the reason, it seems incredulous to some people that mothers could possibly earn an income from blogging about their lives but why not?  Once you consider that raising children and running a home requires a whole host of skills, why not share those talents online and turn them into an income source?

As someone who primarily writes about special needs, I have little time to blog about these other aspects of my life but his doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy blogs that do.  I love looking at gorgeous photography and reading heart-warming blogs. They have encouraged me to get my old sewing machine out, to grow herbs on my patio and to try out new recipes.  Unfortunately I don’t have the time to blog about it but if I did I’d love to be able earn an income from a home making blog.

Maybe one day I will.

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  1. hear hear :) they’re just jealous, that’s all!!

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