DIY SOS: The Big Build Children in Need Special

As part of November’s Children In Need, DIY SOS The Big Build travelled to Edinburgh and enlisted local tradespeople to help refurbish a centre for children and young people with additional needs.

Watching the team refurbish The Yard (as it is called) into a place where children can have fun and where families can get support was truly amazing.  Everything was there that you could possibly imagine; a sensory room, outdoor and indoor play areas, a kitchen adapted for wheelchairs and a coffee area.

As fabulous as the transformation was it was also emotional to watch. I couldn’t help but feel a bit tearful as I listened to two mothers describing the challenges of raising their autistic children and why the Yard was so important to them.  To have a place which is safe and equipped for children to play in and where parents and carers can find support is so important in  alleviating the isolation that often accompanies having special needs children.

Unfortunately we do not have enough of these sort of places across the UK and many families like mine are struggling to find support and a safe place for our children to play in.  Ordinary playgrounds are often not equipped for our children’s needs and all too often our children can be subjected to stares and rude comments.  This is why places like The Yard are so  important to families like mine so to see DIY SOS and Children in Need supporting this venture was simply brilliant.

If you missed this episode then you can watch it again on iplayer by clicking here.

For more information on The Yard in Scotland click here.

And finally, if you want to support Children In Need then click here.

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  1. I watched this too, and found it really emotional to sit through. Children in Need does so much good! I definitely teared up a bit.

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