Weekly Round-up – parent workshops, special schools, aspergers, dyslexia, sensory tips and more

Hi all, yet again there is plenty of news and articles for you to get stuck into this weekend.  My particular favourites this week come from Included by Grace, a lovely blog written by a SEN teacher on why she writes about autism and also Aspergers Syndrome, the hidden disorder by Marimouth.  Also, if you haven’t checked it out yet, go and read Four Sea Stars inspirational piece on how she talked to her son’s class about autism.

Why am I writing about autism? – Included by Grace

I talked to a bunch of third graders and I liked it – Four Sea Stars

How parent workshops can help families of children with SEN – SEN Magazine

The case of special schools for children with autism – SEN Magazine

Disability charities warn of families ‘at breaking point’ over gaps in care – The Guardian

Creativity loosely entwined with mental illness – BBC News

I’ve missed a year of school with ADHD – BBC News

Life sentence for Asperger’s sufferer who smothered his 91-year-old father to  death after living together for 57 years – The Daily Mail

Finding other ways of communicating with my sometimes non-verbal autistic son – Aspie in the family

Aspergers Syndrome, the hidden disorder – Marimouth

Steven Spielberg discusses his dyslexia – Friends of Quinn

Researchers reveal first brain study of Temple Grandin – Sfari

Parenting More Important Than Schools to Academic Achievement – Science Daily

Living With Inclusion – How it Works for This Autistic – Special-ism

Sensory tips for a happy Halloween – Special-ism

Minimising sensory overload in kids with special needs – Brain Balance

Autism affects cognition differently in males, females – Psych Central News

Cord blood stem cells being tested for potential treatment of autism – Examiner.com

and finally if, like me, you LOVE your coffee then take a look at these fun infographics: Visualising your daily brew


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  1. Lynn says:

    Thank you Deb for recommending my blog. I am very touched. Will enjoy reading some of these other links too. :)

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