Weekly round-up of news and articles – dyslexia, autism awareness, DSM V, mental health and more

Hi all, hope your weekend is going well.  Sorry if  this week’s round up of news is a bit later than usual but I’ve been a bit preoccupied with stuff.  If you’ve read my previous few posts you may get a gist of some of the difficulties we’ve been facing but I remain positive that  we will be able to move forward.

Dyslexia Awareness Week – 8 to 14 October – a blog by The Gift of Learning

So you think I have aspergers - a blog by Looking for Blue Sky

Running with Sasha- a blog by Chez Maximka

Autism Awareness and the Power of Words – a blog by me

Talking therapies will ‘rewire’ children’s mental health services – Community Care

Dad defends wife who fled to Spain with son to stop Asperger’s treatment turning him into ‘zombie’ – Daily Record

Somerset equine therapy charity for autistic children closes down – BBC News

GCSE’s row: legal action a step closer – BBC News

Schools admissions appeals: More parents contest primary places – BBC News

Government risk depriving disabled people of making the contribution to society that they deserve – comment by NAS

New Definition Of Autism In DSM-5 Will Not Exclude Most Children With Autism – Red Orbit

Bilingualism aids people with autism -  Sfari

Scientist Temple Grandin doesn’t let autism define her – The OC Register

Autism Around The Globe Map – an interactive map

15 ways employers can exclude employees with aspergers – Psychology Today

10 Activities To Relax Your Child With Special Needs – The Friendship Circle

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One Response to Weekly round-up of news and articles – dyslexia, autism awareness, DSM V, mental health and more

  1. Blue sky says:

    Another great round up, including some I’d missed, and one of mine: thank you x

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