Weekly round-up of news and articles – SEN reforms, free schools, autism, carer burnout and more

Hi all, this week’s news and views is dominated by the SEN reforms.  If you have a child with SEN then I would highly recommend that you read IPSEA’s press release and also take a look at their new blog which promises to be an excellent resource for parents of SEN children.

IPSEA’s blog on SEN reforms – IPSEA (this is a new blog that has been set up to deal with questions from parents relating to the forthcoming changes to SEN)

Changes to SEN Law – Ipsea’s commentary – download here (important read that also looks at parental rights)

Children’s Commissioner Report on Exclusion – IPSEA (also check this out if you have  a SEN child being excluded from school)

The SEN Cliff Edge (exploring post 16 education) – TES (another great read)

Keith Duffy helps launch £1m appeal to fund school for autism - Hearts and Minds UK

Over half of older adults with autism don’t have enough support – Mature Times

Limit children’s screen time, expert urges – BBC News

Many free schools ‘significantly under subscribed’ – BBC News

Councils to get £1m boost to improve support for people with autism (Scotland) - STV

New DSM-5 Criteria For Autism – Who Will Be Left Behind? – Forbes

Tips for parents to  prevent children from running off – Fox News

Top 10 answers to annoying comments about autism - Autism Support Network

Could the next Miss America have autism? – Disability Scoop

Right here, right now: Autism documentary winning hearts and acclaim – RT.com

Living Along the Spectrum Life After 50:  Best Balls Ever – AAPC Blog

Helping teens help themselves: five tips for sensory success – Special-ism

8 tips for preventing caregiver burnout – Friendship Circle


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  2. Theramblingpages says:

    Hi Deb, thank you so much for this post – I’ve been away from the blogosphere for a long time now for various reasons and it’s the useful posts like this that makes me remember what I enjoyed about blogging. Hope you and the kids are well, I have a lot of catching up to do!

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