A mini-rant about blogging

Why do bloggers criticise other bloggers?  Yet again, I have stumbled across a comment that criticised a group of bloggers for not writing in a particular way.  I know I’ve discussed this  before about the openness of the internet and the ease in which people make harsh comments but I still find the whole ‘slagging off’ thing unbelievably tiresome.  Blogging is about personal expression and if people don’t like the way someone writes then they should stop moaning about it and move on.  None of us are the same; we are all unique with very different lifestyles and very different interests too so it stands to reason that our writing style and our reading interests will vary as well.

When we  are in the library or bookshop do we stand in front of a shelf and verbally condemn a particular book to all those around us.  As far as I know, we don’t.  We rummage through the shelves till we find our favourite authors and so it should be with the online world; we look for our favourite blogs and enjoy them.  I am not saying people should agree with everything a blogger has to say or even enjoy every piece of their writing.  Healthy debate is important if it is done constructively and respectively but all too often it isn’t done in this way.

It seems to me that some people have forgotten that blogging is not the same for everybody.  We all have different motivations to blog which will impact on what we say and how we say it.  There is no right way to blog and anybody who tries to suggest that there is forgets that the beauty in blogging is the opportunity it gives to multiple voices.  If people carry on saying that people should be writing in a particular way then they are in danger of stifling creativity and individual expression.  Just imagine what a boring blogging world it would be if we all produced the same blog content.


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6 Responses to A mini-rant about blogging

  1. Jazzygal says:

    I haven’t come across the controversary you talk about but no-one has the right to tell anyone what style to use on their blog!You don’t like it press ‘next blog’ and move on! I have seen some nasty comments on twitter over the year or so I’ve been on. Not special needs related (except one very nasty one aimed at me: there’s a ‘block’ button for that!) I reckon it’s a style of clever humour their aiming at in the slagging. It’s not funny though. Blogging can be a strange world at times….

    xx Jazzy

  2. Blue Sky says:

    You see the thing about making critical comments on the internet is that you have a ready-made audience. You wouldn’t have that if you addressed a book on a shelf. People who knowingly make comments like this just get a kick out of stirring up a reaction and for that they need an audience – perhaps they haven’t got much going on their lives. I didn’t see the controversy that you are referring to so I hope I haven’t misjudged anybody

    • Aspie in the family says:

      No it isn’t a big controversy but it is a comment (one of a number) that is critical about the style of special needs writing. Perhaps I’m being overly sensitive but as someone who loves the diversity of blogs, I don’t want the minority to define what we can or can’t say. Deb x

  3. Jim Reeve says:

    I agree with you 100%. While I may not agree with some things I read, I certainly wouldn’t criticize someone for expressing their opinion. But I do have the right to not read your blog.

    And often the reader should keep in mind the emotional state of the blogger. Especially when it involves autism. As a parent of a child with an ASD, I know that sometimes I have to deal with meltdowns, yelling, making multiple dinners, anger and lack of sleep. Which one or all may affect my post.

    So in closing I try not to take everything I read in a blog to heart. After all it is your blog, so say what you want.

    • Aspie in the family says:

      Perhaps I’m being too sensitive but I find it frustrating that while we are trying to encourage awareness of special needs, some bloggers are not very accepting about other bloggers. Its not so bad for me because I’ve been blogging for two years and can ignore it but if I was starting out I think reading what I’ve read would have put me off. Deb

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