Study shows pets may help autistic children develop better social skills.

For those of you interested in autism research, you may be interested to hear about the recent research into autism and pets.  The study conducted in France has shown that pets may help develop social skills in people with autism which long confirms many anecdotal accounts of the benefits of pets.  The study which looked at autistic children between the ages of 6 and 16 found that those who got a pet at about the age of 5 showed improvement in their ability to share and to offer comfort to parents or children who were sad or hurt.  In contrast, those who had a pet since they were born and those who never had a pet, showed no improvement.  However, the study has been criticised for being small.  Also, little is known about how pets may influence children’s development and why there are differences between children with pets since birth and those who got them at an older age.  Researchers say further studies are needed.

You can read more about the study by clicking here.

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One Response to Study shows pets may help autistic children develop better social skills.

  1. Jazzygal says:

    An occupational therapist suggested a pet to us for those reasons when our boy was about 5 or 6. ‘Get a dog’ she said. I got him 2 goldfish! Eventually we happened upon a dog, or rather he happened upon us, and he did get on well with it but the dog was too hyper. He ran away and we never found him. he now has a budgie that he loves and is very kind too We also happened upon a cat last December who has now given us 4 kittens. Our boy is really good with both cat and kittens and is very gentle with them. Very calming for him.

    I’d just like to say that I totally agree with this report and recommend pets. In fact I’d particularly recommend kittens! Anyone want one?!

    (sorry, couldn’t resist! Seriously though pets with the right temperament can help )

    xx JAzzy

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