Jubilee cake

This jubilee cake was baked by my aspergers daughter (click here for the recipe).

The recipe, courtesy of baking queen Mary Berry, is really easy to follow and produces a lovely moist sponge which keeps well for a couple of days so ideal for baking in advance of a party.

For the topping we used fresh cream instead of the recommended butter icing and it worked really well.  The combination of sponge, fresh cream and fruit made this cake the star attraction at our family party.  It also tasted absolutely delicious!

Well done to my daughter for doing such a brilliant job!

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4 Responses to Jubilee cake

  1. Steph says:

    Love it! Looks and sounds delicious. Wish I was there!!

  2. Blue Sky says:

    She’s so talented, so why doesn’t the education system welcome her?

  3. JuliesMum says:

    Wow, well done her! It looks delicious.

  4. Jim Reeve says:

    That cake looks great. It makes me not want to eat dinner and go straight for dessert.

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