Two in one!

What a  lovely surprise!  I’ve been nominated for two blogging awards from two fellow special needs bloggers.  Jeanette who writes at Bluecrisps has nominated me for the Kreativ Blogger Award and Val, the author of Jazzygal has nominated me for the wonderfully sounding Liebster Award.  Liebster is actually a German word meaning ‘dearest’ and the award is given to rising bloggers with less than 200 followers.  Me, a rising blogger - how exciting is that?  Its really great to get awards like these and to feel that you’re got a voice in the world so a big thankyou to Jeannette and Val for nominating me; it’s much appreciated.

For the Kreativ award I have to share seven things about me and for the Liebster award I have to follow some rules and answer some specific questions.  I hope its not cheating but I’m going to incorporate the two awards in one post.  So, I shall be answering the questions for the Liebster award which can then contribute to the ‘seven things about me’  for the Kreativ award.

Here are the rules for the Liebster award….

  1. Thank the person who gave you the award.
  2. Link back to the Blogger who awarded you.
  3. Answer the following questions.
  4. Pass the award out to ten other Bloggers.

and here are the questions:

Favourite Colour? Maroon.  When I was at school we had a chance to select our uniform for the 5th form.  It was a way of recognising that we were seniors and in our last year of school.  We loved it and enthusiastically voted for maroon and grey trousers/skirts – not sure what the boys thought of the maroon or what our parents thought of having to buy another school uniform but I loved the opportunity to wear one of my favourite colours.  Even now I still like this colour, perhaps not to the intensity when I was 16, but I do have one or two jumpers in this shade!

Favourite Animal? I love cats;  they are independent, inquisitive, interesting and just beautiful.  We used to have two cats but they passed away about a year or two ago.  I miss them a lot.  I miss them curling on my lap when I’m writing or studying, I miss them wrapping themselves around my legs when I’m cooking and I miss them following me around the garden.  Unfortunately we can’t have any more cats because my daughter’s asthma is easily triggered by cat hair.

Favourite Number? A favourite number?  I was really stumped by this initially.  I don’t really think I have a favourite number so I’m going to choose a number that represents something very lovely and positive and that is number 70 which is the number of my house.  My house is an ordinary semi that was built in the  housing boom of the 1930s but for me my house is more than ordinary; it’s also home.  I moved into number 70 with my husband not long after we married.  It was great fun setting up home together, not that we had much money to do anything major to the house.  We lived off hand me downs and second hand furniture for many years but we had enough pennies to buy  paint and wallpaper and to make the house ours.  Not long after, we had our first child and from then on our family has steadily grown to include two more children.  Though we have our fair share of challenges with two of them being on the autism spectrum, our home is still very much a home.  We have made a lot of very lovely memories in our home which is why number 70 is so special to me.

Favourite Drink? Well after tasting an alcohol free cocktail the other night, it has to be one of them.  It was absolutely delicious; a combination of fruit juices, lemonade and one or two other ingredients that I can’t recall.  A serious contender to wine and those luxury hot chocolates.

Facebook or Twitter? Twitter definitely.  I love the combination of chat and information and I have met some very interesting people on there.  I have tried FB and can’t get through the hassle of setting up a blog page on it.  Its just not user friendly, for me anyhow.  I’m now trying google plus but no one seems to be using it very much but, hey ho, I’ll carry on just in case it suddenly becomes the in-thing.

My Passion? Well I think it’s obvious that I have a passion for equality and fairness particularly for those with autism and aspergers syndrome.  I’m also passionate about education and would love to see our education system getting its act together and better supporting all children but particularly those with special educational needs.  I feel we’re wasting a lot of talent in our people which is something this country can’t afford.  Now that leads me onto the other passion I have and that is current affairs and politics.

Giving or Getting Presents? I prefer giving presents.  I do like receiving presents particularly from my children but I’m not comfortable opening presents when there is a big audience around me.  I’m quite a shy person and hate lots of people looking at me when I’m opening something, in case the present is not quite right.  Unfortunately for me, people seem to be able to read my face.  As hard as I try, I cannot seem to hide my reactions if I receive an odd present.  Sorry, but as much as I appreciate the art of giving, receiving jellied fruits, a singing fish for my wall or a book on how to survive the peri menopause is bound to make me cringe.

Favourite Day? Sunday, always Sunday.  I remember the days when Sunday was a rest day, when shops and supermarkets were not open and the only things people did were either church, football, days out to the park or time at home with the family.  As a child I loved the laid back nature of Sundays; it always felt like a proper family day.  Now as a mother, I obviously can’t avoid our encroaching capitalism but I do try and keep Sundays as a family day.  This usually involves taking our children swimming (water is major therapy for them) and spending time at home as a family.  I try not to get in too much of a routine of shopping on a Sunday though with the challenges we face this is sometimes a necessity.

Favourite Flower? I love flowers and one day I want to create a flower garden so that I can have a steady flow of cut flowers for my house.  As for my favourite flower it has to be lilies. They are the most beautiful flowers.  Sophisticated, dramatic and elegant with the most heavenly scent.

So there you are, a few things about me that you probably didn’t know about.  Now, I’m supposed to pass the Liebster award on to ten bloggers.  I’m not sure I can reach ten bloggers so I shall start with these five very worthy bloggers who all have very different and equally brilliant blogs about family life and autism.

Autistically Beautiful

Jeanette at Bluecrisps

Jim’s autism blog

Stephs two girls

The Rambling Pages

If there is anyone else who would like to be nominated, can you let me know please and I will add you to the list.

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