Photo Project 52 – week 11 – mum’s favourite!

Mother’s day, a day to celebrate mothers and to thank them for all the work they do throughout the year.  It’s a day when many of us mums imagine putting our feet up and enjoying being fussed over for a few hours.  Chocolates, flowers, handmade creations from our children and even a meal are some of the things that we look forward to on Mothering Sunday.

The reality perhaps is a little bit different.  As a mum I find it impossible not to touch some of the domestic chores in our house as there is just too much for me to leave for my family, even for one day.   The laundry pile is the thing that I cannot leave alone as it is just so horrendously huge that to ignore it for one day creates a backlog.

Nevertheless, I do enjoy not doing the cooking.  As someone who cooks nearly every day, this is the job I most look forward to having a break from when my husband and children take over and cook the roast dinner (courtesy of M&S’s meal deal for four).  For those unfamiliar with M&S’s dine in deals, they consist of a certain number of courses and a bottle of wine or non-alcoholic drink for a set price which is usually cheaper than if you bought the courses individually.  Always a good offer, we’ve plumped for the roast beef joint, vegetable selection, large sticky toffee pudding and Rose Wine.  Not bad for £15!

Of course the changes in routine and the excitement of fussing mum are a bit too much for my son and daughter and they are rapidly becoming over-excited and difficult to manage.  Already we’ve had some green illuminated dough stuck to the rug.  This dough, I hasten to add, is created to ease stress as it’s designed for someone to squeeze it, knead it and to generally pummel it.  I’m not sure about its claim to ease stress though because this stuff gets everywhere and is almost impossible to get off.  It makes me stressed to see clumps of it stuck on the ceiling or walls.  Anyway, if we’re not busy enough trying to scrape this off the rug, then we have Ninja cat being played at full volume, door slamming and loads of squealing over some minecraft inspired hoodies they’ve found online.  Ever the optimist, I am lucky that we are escaping full blown meltdowns though I’m well aware there are many more hours to go.

Even though my motherly duties do not completely take a break as I’m sure a lot of other mums will agree, it’s still a day when I enjoy the chocolates, flowers, cards and meal even if it is interspersed with noise and chaos.  Most of all I enjoy it when my children take the time to make me something.  For me this year, it is this delicious looking strawberry and raspberry cheesecake which my daughter baked for me.  With help from her dad, she followed a recipe in her latest Moshi Monsters magazine and produced this.  I’m very proud of her achievements and can’t wait to taste it later, particularly as cheesecake is one of my favourites.


Well, it tasted absolutely gorgeous.  Unfortunately as I was devouring my daughter’s masterpiece my husband then proceeded to tell me that the whole cheesecake amounted to 4,000 calories.  Honestly its not something you want to hear when you have your mouth full of cheesecake.

(This post is part of Photo Project 52, a photography challenge where we post a picture every week in 2012.  Click here to see all my other entries.)


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2 Responses to Photo Project 52 – week 11 – mum’s favourite!

  1. Steph says:

    Wow, that does look fab! Although I’m not a huge cheesecake fan myself… but wow! what a lot of strawberries!! She did well and it’s the effort that means the most I know. The best bit of my day was seeing the writing on the envelopes from my 2 girls – that they’d done all by themselves.
    oh and I am still doing the laundry at 930pm. Break? What break?! Luckily though, my OH does most of our ‘adult’ cooking, and I just have the girls to battle with as far as food goes :)

  2. Blue sky says:

    I love cheesecake too, as does my special daughter and it’s something we often ‘share’ on trips out :) . Like you I enjoy a break from the cooking more than almost anything else and my eldest cooked the Sunday roast dinner herself, while aspie boy ‘let’ me have a lie-in. Glad you had a lovely Mother’s Day too x

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