Photo Project 52 – week 10 – fashion for an autistic boy


Clothes have always been a problem for my son.  He is hypersensitive to touch and can’t tolerate certain materials and textures against his skin.  Nylon and polyester are the worst offenders as they cause him to feel so itchy that he just has to yank the offending item off.  Then there are the clothes themselves.  He hates jeans because they are too tight around the waist and the material is too stiff.  He hates shirts because the collars are too restrictive and the buttons he can’t do.  He also hates belts and ties which he finds difficult to deal with.  And as for his feet they are so sensitive that he dislikes wearing any sort of shoe and is usually happiest barefooted and on his tiptoes.  He will reluctantly wear socks and shoes when going out but socks have to be 100% cotton and shoes have to be trainers with a velcro fastening (definitely no laces as they are too difficult for him to do).  Even then he will often complain of painful feet.

So comfort has to come first when buying clothes for him which usually means track suit bottoms, loose tops and of course trainers with a velcro strap.  Often I am forced to shop in the cheap sports shops as the more fashionable and trendy stores stock few ‘comfortable’ clothes; the price of fashion I guess.  Often there isn’t much choice and we end up with loads of the same tracksuit bottoms and t-shirts but at least they are cotton and he will wear them and, more importantly, he is comfortable in them.  As for trainers with velcro straps, trying to find a size 10 pair for an adolescent is rapidly becoming a nightmare!

So imagine how pleased I was to find some cotton t-shirts with his favourite angry birds motif on.  He adores these t-shirts so much that he has even asked me to wash them for him.  This is a first as up to now he has never shown any interest in his personal appearance or being clean.  Progress?  Maybe, as long as his interest in the angry birds keeps up!


(This post is part of Photo Project 52, a photography challenge where we post a picture every week in 2012.  Click here to see all my other entries.)


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6 Responses to Photo Project 52 – week 10 – fashion for an autistic boy

  1. That must be so hard – glad you have found some fun T-shirts that he likes. My eldest used to be quite sensitive to her clothes and she hated all the normal princess/fairy dressing up clothes that all her friends loved because they were scratchy and several tops got rejected for the same reasons. I think in her case she just has sensitive skin but being a girl fashion is now beginning to take over!
    By the way going to do my birthday meme today!

  2. Clothing my son when he was younger was similarly difficult! Oh, those dreadful tags and seams in his socks. To think that such a little thing to us can be such a big distraction to him!
    He is a teenager now, still wearing sweat pants and those great t-shirts they make without the tags. At least his problems with clothing have improved!

  3. Clothes are also an event for us. I’ve found a few stores that stock “acceptable” shirts, and just stick with those. Yes, I often pay more, but it all evens out when the hassle of finding a shirt that “feels right” is reduced. We’ve found that Old Navy shirts are realy soft these days.

  4. Jazzygal says:

    Oh, I SO relate to this!! My guy HATES his ‘proper’ school uniform and wears it only once a of week in school trackie, which somehow we’re getting away with! Dunno how we’re gonna fare in secondary school come September.

    Thanks for tag! Sounds like a really fun one and right up my alley. I fear I’m so busy at the moment though, that by the time I get to do it it may be way too late??

    xx Jazzy

  5. Angela Blair says:

    Lots of the same issues in our house. The only clothes my 11 year old likes wearing have his favourite gaming characters on them and I tend to buy in bulk from sports shops for tracksuit bottoms. Yesterday I snapped up the double pack of elasticated waist cotton shorts that Marks & Spencer stock every summer before they sell out in his size.

    I’ve been told that the same sports shops where I buy trousers from sell elasticated laces which might be the only way I can get my son trainers as his feet grow and there are few velcro strap options.

  6. Blue Sky says:

    Frighteningly similar here…though the feet aren’t so much of a problem and I also have to cut out all labels. We also have that T-shirt, or one very like it :) I have t bring my son shopping with me because everything has to pass the ‘comfy’ factor – and of course he hates shopping, so he has very few clothes!

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