It’s the little things …

I’ve been reading some blogs this week that have looked at how wonderful the little things in life can be.  Inspired by this idea, I’m going to take a step back from my usual blog posts to reflect on some of the things in life that make me feel good.

It’s the little things …

Cherry blossom.

The flutter of birds in my garden.

Bluebells and woodland walks.

The smell of honeysuckle on a warm summer’s evening.

Autumn leaves.

Curtains drawn, a lit fire and lights on low.

Cold, frosty mornings.

A clear night sky sprinkled with stars, wondering who I am in this huge galaxy of ours.

Train journeys; the views from the windows as we speed by.

The sound of the sea and the smell of salty air.

Galleries, art, emotion, inspiration – I wish I could draw.

Newly painted woodwork. The smell and feel of new carpet.

Lying next to my husband – talking, conspiring, worrying, sharing, laughing. xx

A cup of tea in bed.

Butterflies, ladybirds, bumble bees.

The smell of freshly cut grass, climbing runner beans, my son’s strawberry patch.

The sound of children playing.

Sitting in a deck chair under the boughs of my apple tree,

Thunder, lightning, dramatic skies – glad I’m home.

Reading to my daughter – reassuring, comforting, night, night.

The radio: music, discussion, debate = escape.

Blowing kisses to my daughter.

Crushing hugs from my son.

The dry wit of my teenage daughter.

My husband in a suit.

Stationery, books, the library, silence, bliss.

The smiles on my children’s faces.

Hearing ”I love you Mum”.

Freshly laundered washing, clean sheets, bed, sleep (I wish).

Soft socks and wriggly toes.

Family games, nicknames, giggles.

My vegetable plot and home grown food.

Cut flowers in a vase.

A  coffee shop, steamed up windows and lots of chatter.

Reading, thinking, writing.

Photographs and memories.

Yesterday, today, tomorrow -  it’s the little things that count.


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10 Responses to It’s the little things …

  1. JuliesMum says:

    I’ve been returning to your list every day to cheer myself up! Its so lovely and it conjures up pictures of every day life so well. I think I should to and compile my own list! Thanks Deb.

  2. wendy says:

    That was a lovely post

  3. Lizbeth says:

    Thank you. I needed that.

  4. Tania says:

    That’s really lovely – and you’re right, it’s the little things that mean a lot

  5. Jim Reeve says:

    I often enjoy taking a look at my son when he’s sleeping. I find it so calming and beautiful.

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