Photo Project 52 – week 6 – loosing my head

Excited by the first snowfall of the winter, my younger daughter (helped by dad) built a snowwoman, modelled on me apparently though I hasten to add I’m not that flatchested!!   Not long after it had been built though, the snow started to melt and with that my head dropped off!

(This post is part of Photo Project 52, a photography challenge where we post a picture every week in 2012.  Click here to see all my other entries.)

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4 thoughts on “Photo Project 52 – week 6 – loosing my head

  1. What an incredible snowman/woman. I love the way your child and her dad created a different looking snowman. When I was young my snowmen looked typical, but this one has some creative vision. I’m also jealous because there is zero snow here and my son and I, have been wanting to play in the snow for months.

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