Photo Project 52 – week 4 – the picture

Its been a difficult week.  Caring for my son, dealing with professionals and managing my daughter’s difficulties has led to a lot of stress in our household so finding the time to take a snap for this week’s Photo Project has been a bit of a challenge.  I just couldn’t find the inspiration until yesterday when I sat down on my settee with a cup of coffee and looked up at the picture that hangs above the fireplace in my lounge.  I suddenly realised that this picture would be the inspiration for my photo as it’s a picture I often look at and reflect upon.

It was given to me and my husband as a Christmas present a few years ago and I love it not just for the warm colours but because it reminds me of a particular time in my life. Looking at the couple in the centre of the picture, walking hand in hand takes me back to the time that I visited Venice with my husband many years ago.  It captures my memories of that trip so well – the narrow streets that wind through this beautiful city, the canals and the bridges that span them and of course the tempting cafes.  But above all it captures a time in my life when I had freedom to do as I pleased, a freedom that I now realise I took for granted.

Sometimes, when I’m feeling low, I yearn for those days when life was easier, when I could find the time to hold hands with my husband and to sip coffee in a cafe.  Of course life has moved on, as it does for all of us.  I’m not that carefree woman anymore but a wife and mother whose life has become unexpectedly touched by autism.  Life has become challenging in ways that I never imagined back then when I strolled through the streets of Venice.  If someone had told me that I would have autistic children, that I would become a carer and start a blog I would have laughed in disbelief.

As it is that is what my life has become, an unexpected one, but a life that I have grown into.  Yes there are difficult days, like this past week where I have felt tired and stressed and when I find myself looking at this picture and thinking about my youthful freedom.  Often though it is not with sadness that I look at this picture but with gratitude that I had the opportunity to travel to such a beautiful city with my husband.

(This post is part of Photo Project 52, a photography challenge where we post a picture every week in 2012.  Click here to see all my other entries.)

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8 Responses to Photo Project 52 – week 4 – the picture

  1. The Rambling Pages says:

    That picture is beautiful, having just been to Rome it reminds me a little of there as well. As for your reasons to loving it, I admit it brought a lump to my throat as well, such special times but your take on things is amazing as well, no sadness there just gratitude x

  2. What a lovely post – made me cry a little. I have read some of your other posts this week but as I don’t have children on the autistic spectrum I haven’t really felt qualified to comment. I really hope that it starts to get better for you soon – really feel for you although I can’t begin to understand what it must be like. I think we all miss those days of freedom sometimes though. I was lucky enough to travel quite a lot before children and it is def one of the things I miss. Here’s to a better week next week – take care x.
    PS Love the picture too – it is very evocative.

    • Aspie in the family says:

      Yes definitely, I think we all miss our freedom at times. Like you, I also travelled a bit before children, mainly in Europe. So glad I did. Thanks for the best wishes; fingers crossed for better times. Deb x

  3. Steph says:

    So many of your posts capture my thoughts exactly. I know my life is not yet as difficult as yours, but it may well end up that way. I think trying to maintain a husband-wife relationship is one of the most difficult things about having Special Needs children :( but I’m so grateful for the happy times we did have – and it’s not as if there aren’t any at all any more, it’s just they’re fewer and further between. Hope things get calmer and easier for you soon as the rollercoaster climbs back up…. x

    • Aspie in the family says:

      I know what you mean Steph; maintaining a marriage under these strains is very hard. Sometimes I wonder if we’ll make it but our children’s needs keep us going. They come first at the moment. Deb x

  4. Jim Reeve says:

    My family enjoys art too. Tomorrow were going to our local art gallery to check out the new exhibits.

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