Photo project 52 – week 1 – the cake

I’ve now gone and embarked on another challenge – the 52 week photo project where we have to capture 2012 by taking a photograph every week.  I was inspired to do this after reading Rollercoaster Mum’s blog and I thought it would be a great opportunity to practise my photography and build up a visual reminder of 2012.  Well that’s the idea.

To start my project off, I’ve taken a picture of a cake, a victoria sandwich, that is filled with butter cream and raspberry jam and dusted in icing sugar.  An ordinary cake perhaps but made in very special circumstances because this cake was the result of my son’s first lesson at home.  After being out of school since September due to severe anxiety (in relation to his autism) we asked our local authority to provide our son with home tuition.  They agreed and are now providing our son with three lessons a week in which my son will be taught practical subjects in which the tutor will embed numeracy and literacy. 

This week, my son did his first cookery lesson with a lovely lady who has a lot of experience teaching children cookery skills.  My son was very nervous, as you would expect after being out of school for so long, and he asked that I stay in the kitchen with him.  As it was his first lesson I was happy to do that and perched myself on the kitchen stool whilst the tutor and my son worked together.  I tried not to get too involved as my intention is to increasingly distance myself from my son so that he can work with the tutor without me being there.  It may take time but hopefully as we rebuild his confidence I can end up in the lounge enjoying a cup of coffee and a book.  I hope I don’t sound too selfish but the point is that it is important that my son develops some independence and the confidence to work with other people.

Anyway the cookery lesson was successful.  My son responded well to the tutor and was clearly delighted with his cake as were we plus it tasted absolutely delicious!

A great start to 2012.

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8 thoughts on “Photo project 52 – week 1 – the cake

  1. So glad you are joining us – I rather like taking photos and I hopefully 52 shouldn’t prove too tricky – thank you for the mention by the way x
    The cake looks great – you’re in luck if he gets more cookery lessons! Good to know it went well and maybe next time you might have time for that coffee on the sofa.
    Looking forward to seeing the other 51 !
    By the way is it snowing on your blog or is it me?

    • Thanks for commenting; look forward to doing this project and looking at everyone elses pictures. By the way, it is snowing on my blog but I’ve turned it off now as it was becoming a distraction. Deb x

  2. Selfish? Of course it isn’t selfish to think ahead to being able to have a cup of coffee and a book! Especially when, as you say, the point is that your son is able to have some independence. It’s not as if you’re leaving him in the care of a monster so you can go off and live the high life.

  3. Fab. cake looks yummy! Glad to hear he was proud of the achievement, that’s a good step forward to remembering what is good about the world and hopefully it will inspire him with other things!
    Also, good idea re the weekly picture blog…. I’m beginning to think I was a bit foolish thinking I could do 366 – one every day!! Maybe I’ll switch to weekly :)

    • Thanks Steph. Gosh 366 is some challenge. Whatever you decide to do, good luck. I look forward to your photos. x

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