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With two children who suffer from asthma I know how important it is to have a warm house in order to protect their health.  I am lucky that I can heat my house without thinking too much about whether I can afford it or not.  For some families however, they do not have such a choice.  They simply cannot afford to heat their homes and instead remain living in the cold.  I find it shocking that whilst energy companies are making huge profits some families remain without basic heating.  With this in mind I would love for you to read this email that has been sent me and help support the campaign from Save the Children.  Thankyou.

Dear Debbie,

Children shouldn’t need to wear hats, scarves and gloves in their homes just to keep warm. But this winter, hundreds of thousands of children could be left in the cold if we don’t act now.

Tell energy companies it’s time for them to do their bit.

Here in the UK 1.6 million children are living in severe poverty. They’re going without basics like heating because their parents simply can’t pay the bills to keep their homes warm.

We’re asking all the big energy providers to give the poorest families with children under five a Warm Home Discount (a £120-a-year payment).

Add your voice to our fuel poverty campaign now and tell energy companies they must put money aside so children in the UK aren’t left in the cold.
Thank you,

Sacha Anthony,
Campaign Manager, Save the Children

If you haven’t already done so, please fill in our campaigning questionnaire. It will only take a few minutes and your responses will help us to do more to change the lives of children at home and abroad.

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2 Responses to Add your voice to the fuel poverty campaign

  1. have signed up – I hate being cold – luckily one good thing about a titchy house – cheap to heat!

    • Aspie in the family says:

      And me, I hate the cold. Fortunately we’re having a mild winter but if it becomes cold I really feel for all those families who can’t afford to turn the heating on. It must be so miserable to be living in the cold. Deb x

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