Top 20 posts for 2011

It’s that time of the year where people reflect on the past year, where accolades and titles are given out and the media looks back at the defining moments of 2011.  In keeping with this New Year spirit, this post brings to you the top 20 posts from Aspie in the family for 2011.

1.   How to choose christmas presents for an autistic child - after years of trial and error, I put together these tips to help others navigate the challenges of choosing presents for children on the autism spectrum.

2.   Guest post – Melinda Smith, writer of autism poems - my first guest post by a very talented poet which made a huge impact on many of you.

3.   10 things you should know about living with autistic children - another hugely popular post which shows some of the challenges of living with autism and/or aspergers.

4.   The autism label – a mother’s perspective - labelling is not an easy thing but in this post I write about how labelling helped and protected me and my family. 

5.   The stay at home mother - challenging the stereotypes and an appeal for unity between women.

6.   My aspergers daughter and school-related anxiety - the importance of communicating with school.

7.   The Fairy Hobmother - a little bit of bloggy magic.

8.   Special Saturday – Christmas traditions – the tree - a heartwarming look at one of my favourite family traditions.

9.   A family favourite – apple and almond cake - a yummy recipe which some of you thought so too.

10.   The positives of autism - a creative look at the positive aspects of autism.

11.   My 5 top toys for christmas - some classics here that you’re bound to recognise from your own childhood.

12.   The versatile blogger award - a little bit about me.

13.   Update on my son – anxiety, sensory overload and autism - the cycle of anxiety, sensory issues and autism

14.   Different disabilities – shared experiences - a reminder that different disabilities can often share similar experiences.

15.   The day my son disappeared - the scary side of autism.

16.   World mental health day – 10th October 2011 - breaking down the taboo over mental health.

17.   Life on the spectrum – looking for hope - even during our most difficult moments, there is always hope.

18.   What is aspergers?- a brief look at what asperger syndrome is.

19.   The disability label - a difficult post where I confront the big question as to whether my autistic son is disabled or not.

20.   An emotional start to the school year - autumn is a time of change but for my son the return to school was overwhelming.

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  1. Blue Sky says:

    Some really good stuff on autism here – you really should put it all together in an ebook :) Looking forward to more great blogs in 2012 x

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