Our gingerbread house

To try and distract my aspergers daughter from the excitement of Christmas I decided to make a gingerbread house with her.  Usually we buy those Scandinavian kits with quite pleasing results but this year I felt up for a challenge.

So, taking inspiration from Tesco’s gingerbread recipe and their very helpful YouTube clip we set to and created this!  It took a couple of days – the first day was spent baking the gingerbread and letting it cool and harden overnight and the second day sticking it together and decorating it.

Overall it was a lovely recipe which made enough dough for the house panels plus any house decorations or biscuits.  We cooked some biscuits with our surplus dough so we were able to sample the gingerbread which I have to say was very lovely and crunchy.  Constructing the house was also more straightforward than I expected but it was the decorating that was the highlight of the project.  As  you can see from the photo, we used an array of sweets, chocolate sparkles and icing sugar to create a cottage that looks as though it has just jumped off the pages of a story book.

For my daughter, she  loved our baking project and said it was one of the best things she has ever done.  And I have to say I agree with her.  Looking at our finished project I feel rather proud of our little gingerbread house.

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4 Responses to Our gingerbread house

  1. Blue Sky says:

    Lovely and the snow shower effect works perfectly with the photos :)

  2. Fiona says:

    Absolutely wonderful. I wouldn’t dare attempt anything so complicated!!

  3. Galina V says:

    A superb gingerbread house, bravo! I wanted to make one, but we are all coming up with the flu, one after another, and I don’t have any energy for baking. Alas.

  4. Lizbeth says:

    That is adorable. Those pictures are fantastic!

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