Where do you do it?

Blogging - where do you do it?

No, its not about ‘you know what’ but about where I blog.  I’ve been tagged by fellow nablopomo-er, HelloItsGemma to explain about my blogging habits and whether I’m a saint or slattern!

Well, I blog all over the place (except the toilet).  I blog in bed, in the kitchen, on the dining table or whilst lounging on my settee.  I’ve even been known to blog whilst sitting on the stairs – can’t remember why?

I’m lucky because I was given a laptop last Christmas which means I can blog on the go which is ideal for me because it means I can also supervise my children, keep an eye on dinner or  even enjoy a coffee or an episode of Strictly Come Dancing.   Who says you can’t blog and look after family and home?  I do.  More imporantly it frees up the family computer for the rest of the family who need it for things like work, homework and, of course, games!

No more arguments but unfortunately not so much housework done either.  There again, I’ve never being a devotee to housework – a bit of dust does no-one any harm, is my motto.  So I guess I’m definitely a slattern!

Now over to you, where do you blog?  Are you a saint or slattern? 

If you fancy joining in, then answer the question, take a photo and give Bibsey (the originator of this tag) a  link back.

This post is day 10 of the nablopomo challenge.

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2 Responses to Where do you do it?

  1. Aspieside says:

    I love my son’s laptop :) When he is playing Mine Craft I have a mini netbook- slow but still portable. I love portable. I am usually in bed or in a chair by the big window in our sitting room drinking coffee :)

  2. Lizbeth says:

    I have to set aside some time every few days and park my behind in the office. Usually when the little one naps and the other two are at school.

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