I’ve done it.  I’ve finally made a commitment to the NaBloPoMo writing challenge inspired by NaNoWriMo

Its a mouthful isn’t it but essentially Na Blo Po Mo is  national blog posting month which means I have to post something every day in the month of November.  This means  I will have to do 30 posts altogether, 30 posts, which is nearly a quarter of what I’ve already written during the lifetime of this blog!

I know I’m mad but I wanted a challenge.  I wanted to practice my writing and err creativity and see whether  I have the stamina and discipline to do NaNoWriMo next year.  Well that’s the grand plan of mine.

Problem is I’m feeling a teeny bit  scared  that I might put off my lovely readers when they see that I’m blogging every day.  

But please try not to be put off visiting this blog.  I don’t mind if you don’t read or comment on every blog post as long as you don’t forget me.  Remember this is just for the month of November, after which normal erratic blog service will return.

There is one thing though, does anyone have any ideas for posts that you would like me to talk about or you feel is missing from this blog? 

It seems as good a time as any to get feedback from my readers and to address any gaps.  If you would like to comment or email me with your ideas, I would be really grateful.

Until tomorrow.

Deb x

PS – do you fancy joining me in this challenge?  I could do with some company.

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13 Responses to NaBloPoMo

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  2. good luck with it. Shame I missed the first day, I can’t possibly join in now ;) I barely find time to comment any more, let alone blog myself, but I promise I will carry on reading!!

    • Aspie in the family

      Hi Steph, glad to see you are still around. Hope you still stick with your blog. Its a great insight into raising a girl with autism and am sure it will help others out there. Deb x

  3. Oh go on then, I might join you. Actually I haven’t heard about this challenge but tried to post every day in October as a personal challenge and failed. As my husband was away for two weekends, it was just too overwhelming for me to blog daily. And if it doesn’t have to be intellectual blogging, then I’ll try to do my best.

    • Aspie in the family

      Hi Galina; no it doesn’t have to be intellectual. I’m going to do a mix of things; there is no way I can do serious posts every day. Britmums has a forum for nablopomo so if you join that you will find support from other mum bloggers. See you there! Deb

  4. Fair play to you, there’s no way I could manage this! I have loads of ideas for blog posts though – and I borrow Shelley’s ideas at when I get really stuck :) eg

    Best of luck xx

  5. Hi- I may just join you on that challenge. I am new to blogging and need to keep working on my writing skills. I am wondering how your son is doing. My son had an incident on Friday and has been stressed & anxious, refusing to go back to school. We went to meet with the case manager today and the school assured him that what happened Friday won’t happen again. (details on my blog) but basically I do believe it won’t happen again and we have a back up plan in case the case manager is out again when chaos happens. I am really hopeful that he goes to school tomorrow because I think the longer he is out the harder it will be for him to return. Sorry for such a long comment but my current situation made me think of your son.

    • Aspie in the family

      Hi Aspieside, sorry to hear about your son’s anxiety (I shall pop over to your blog and catch up). We’re having similar difficulties with our aspergers daughter as well – things happen at school that worry her so much that she doesn’t want to go into school. We have made a bit of progress with our son though which I shall blog about soon. PS I hope you can join in with the nablopomo challenge!

  6. Oh wow Deb….that’s some challenge! Best of luck with it. Great idea to ask for ideas. Not that I have any for you. That’s part of the reason I would probably fail this challenge!!

    xx Jazzy

    • Aspie in the family

      Thanks for commenting Jazzy. I’ve just noticed on the NaBloPoMo badget it says ‘Deb on the rocks’. Just thinking that might be me by the end of the month, if I can’t keep up with it! Deb x

  7. I don’t have the courage to join you but wish you the very best of luck!

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