My nablopomo experience


NaBloPoMo 2011

30 days ago I agreed to do NaBloPoMo (a writing challenge in which bloggers write a blog post a day in November). It was very much an impulsive decision of mine to do this but nevertheless I thought it would be a good opportunity to learn a bit more about myself and my blog.

So now that it’s the last day, what did I think of the experience?

The positives

Initially the process was quite hard and almost straightaway I wondered what had I done in committing to this challenge.  It was like a massive bloggers block but then as I started to write more and more it started to feel easier.  Writing every day also forced me to think about what to write and I think I did manage to write a mixture of posts, not all on special needs and autism, but also memes and linkies which I found interesting and/or amusing.   As a result I think I wrote about things that I would not normally have picked up on if I had only blogged a couple of times a week.  What I learnt from this is that writing more is preferable to writing less which also became apparent from the increase in my stats.  In fact I was totally taken back by how many more pageviews I was getting as a result of NaBloPoMo which just goes to show the increased visibility you have if you write daily. 

The negatives

The biggest difficulty I had was not having enough time to respond to all comments and to read other blogs and the posts of fellow nablopomo-ers.  This frustrated me a lot and something I will rectify in the month of December but I think this shows how blogging is also a social activity.  There were also a few posts that I thought were a bit rushed and needed more time in which to compose something better.  Another irritation was being tied to my laptop and not getting on with other jobs such as preparing for Christmas.  This is the first time ever that I find myself at the beginning of December not having bought a single Christmas card or present!  As you can imagine, I am in serious panic mode. 

Overall though, NaBloPoMo was a positive experience which made me feel more confident and relaxed as a blogger.  I have also discovered some new bloggers and enjoyed the repartee on both Britmums and on twitter.  So with that, I would just like to thank everybody who read and/or commented on my blog posts with a special note of thanks going to Karin who ran the Britmums NaBloPoMo Group.

And for those of you interested, my top 5 posts from November’s challenge are:-

  1. How to choose Christmas presents for an autistic child
  2. Special Saturday – Christmas traditions – the tree
  3. The Fairy Hobmother
  4. A family favourite – apple and almond cake
  5. The day my son disappeared


This post is day 30 of the nablopomo challenge where I have to submit a blogpost every day in the month of November.

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4 Responses to My nablopomo experience

  1. Blue Sky says:

    Well done from me too :) I don’t think I could manage to blog every day, it’s such a huge commitment x

  2. Steph says:

    and I say well done you too! I’ve really enjoyed reading all your posts. No idea how you managed it, although yes I guess I concentrated on Christmas instead ;) too much of a worrier to let that slip!! Hopefully I’ll be able to blog again more frequently soon – I always have the ideas in my head, just no time to get them out! so big congrats to you x

  3. Jazzygal says:

    Well done on sticking with the challenge:-)

    xx Jazzy

  4. well done you – I experienced similar negatives to you and this morning someone assumed I was prepared to for Christmas – which of course I am not.
    let’s panic together.

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