The A to Z of me

The A to Z of me

Want to find out a bit more about the author of this blog, then read on.  

A – Age: 40 and a bit.  I usually round it down to 40.

B – Bed Size: King.  My husband is tall, hogs the bed and is unbearably hot (temperature!!) and has a tendency of flaying his arms everywhere and talking in his sleep.  What the hell is this about?  I need space and have asked for a twin bed next time but he has refused to oblige.  I wonder why.

C – Chore You Hate: most domestic chores but  I absolutely hate cleaning the  oven and defrosting the fridge.  I was not born to do domestic stuff I was meant for greater things – still waiting. 

D – Dogs Name: Never had a dog.

E – Essential Start of the Day: cup of redbush tea and soya milk.  Honestly it tastes a lot better than it sounds.  In fact ‘ordinary’ tea now tastes absolutely disgusting to me – how do you all drink it?

F – Favourite Colour: black but I promise I’m not a goth.

G – Gold or Silver: neither; I don’t really wear jewellery.

H – Height: 5ft 6 and three quarter inches which I round up to 5 foot 7.  Note my love of rounding.

I – Instruments you play: None.  As a child I started piano lessons but a half eaten apple turned upside down in the fruit basket at the teacher’s house meant a budding career as a pianist was abruptly ended.  They were so ruthless those days – no second chances. 

J – Job: Used to be mummy, now I’m a mum by virtue of having older children.  Raising the next generation has to be the most important thing I’ll ever do.  Pity employers don’t recognise the skills we develop as parents.

K – Kids: some days I have 3 kids - two teens and a tween.   Other days I have 4 kids - two teens, a tween and a husband who needs instruction.  Sigh.

L – live: I live in a semi detached house in suburbia but have a secret desire to escape to the country where I have no neighbours.

M – Music You Love: a bit of chill, a bit of classical and a bit of pop music.

N - Nicknames: not saying.

O – Overnight Hospital Stays: most memorable overnight stays were  the 4 nights when first daughter was born, 3 nights when son was born and 1 night when second daughter was born (I begged for more but they wouldn’t let me).  Meanies.

P – Pet Peeve: gungy toothpaste tubes and numerous toothbrushes.  Why is it that as a family of 5 we have ended up with 15, yes 15, toothbrushes? 

Q – Quote from a Movie: haven’t got one but I love the phrase “bear with, bear with” from Miranda.  I even found myself saying it when using my daughter’s mobile the other day.  Daughter was appalled.

R – Right handed or Left: Right handed.

S – Siblings: younger brothers; always dreamed of a sister but its too late now unless my mother has a miraculous conception at the age of 70.

T – Time you wake up: 6 am but if insomnia and anxiety strike then 1, 3 and 5 am. 

U - Underwear: M & S – the pants are starting to get bigger but I’m not in the monstrous Bridget Jones variety yet.

V – Vegetables you dislike: spinnach – there is nothing as awful as limp green spinnach dumped on my dinner plate.  Much prefer spinnach to be used to stuff something like a piece of chicken or raviolli.

W – Workout Style: pilates – I’m quite pleased with myself at the moment.  I managed to get my legs over my head the other day and back down again too.

X – X-Rays You’ve Had: have had quite a lot of x-rays due to a serious road crash I was involved in at the age of 19 (very traumatic; will spare you the details).  The funniest one though was the x-ray done on my thumb after I got it stuck in a door of a moving train (I was inside).

Y – Yummy Food You Make: apple and almond cake, lemon cake, chocolate brownies (gluten free), three bean casserole (vegetarian) and quiche lorraine (I think Mary Berry would be quite pleased with my pastry). 

Z – zoo animal favourites - never really been a great fan of zoos.  I’m quite an ethical person at times and I don’t like the idea of caged animals though I think when animals are endangered I can see the role of zoos in preserving a species.  I do love otters, penguins and seals though.

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5 Responses to The A to Z of me

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  2. Blue Sky says:

    I so get the ‘no’ neighbours wish – I wonder is it for similar reasons? Good to know more about you :)

  3. Bronwyn says:

    This is just soo cool. I hope you don’t mind if I also do one.

  4. Lizbeth says:

    See, now I really want to know your nick name….

  5. lucy says:

    So glad you did this, I really enjoyed finding out more about the lady behind the ‘mum’ mask!
    I think I need to come and sample your baking soon, I reckon we’d have plenty to chat about.

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