Celebrating Autism Mummy & Daddy Blogs

Life on the Spectrum - Celebrating Autism Mummy & Daddy Blogs

One of the great things about blogging is discovering blogs from across the globe, particularly those who write about parenting special needs children.  One such blog that I have recently discovered is At Home Mum, an Australian blogger who writes a variety of articles on family and children, business and work as well as life on the autism spectrum.  It is well worth checking out whether or not you have autistic children.

Anyway, At Home Mum has recently started a bloglink to celebrate Autism Mummies and Daddies from across the world  and the incredible work that this community does.

To support this, I am sharing an old post on Autism and Pets which illustrates how therapeutic pets can be for autistic people.  We often hear about how horses and dogs are used to help autistic people but I wonder how many people are aware of how small animals can also help autistic children.

Here is our story: Autism and Pets

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6 Responses to Celebrating Autism Mummy & Daddy Blogs

  1. Baby Toys says:

    Good luck to your blog project! I hope you’ll be able to spread more awareness for children with autism to better enable parents in helping their kids with autism. More power to your network!

  2. Jazzygal says:

    Oh, I totally agree! Having and looking after a pet/pets can be extremely therapeutic for our kids. I remember an OT suggesting one time that we get WiiBoy a dog…not only therapeutic but helps them realise that there are others besides themselves in this world ;-) I saw her point but didn’t really want the work (he was only 5 ) that a dog entails. He got a goldfish!!

    In time we got a dog…unfortunately he’s MIA 2 years now. And he talks about him constantly :-(
    xx Jazzy

    • Aspie in the family says:

      I had thought of a dog too but having no experience plus a husband who is not keen on them (bitten as a child) I’ve decided against it. As my son is so keen on guinea pigs we’ll try them again I think. x

  3. Bronwyn says:

    Unfortunately I could not comment on your post on pets. However I just had to say how wonderful I found it. It is amazing how pets can be so useful in therapy. How are the guinea pigs going now?

    • Aspie in the family says:

      Hi Bronwyn; nice to meet you and thanks for organising a lovely link up. Its great to meet other autism bloggers across the world; not something that I expected when I started this blog. Also, thanks for letting me know about my link; I’ve mended it now so hopefully other readers will find my old post though I don’t think its open for comments as its an old post (will look into this).

      Unfortunately the guinea pigs passed away which really upset our son and then the last of our two cats passed away on New Years day. So for the last few months we have had no pets. We can certainly feel the affects of not having pets in the house but have promised our son and daughter a couple more guinea pigs. I shall do a post when we get them!

  4. Bronwyn says:

    Thank you!! That is just so nice of you to say. I hope that Life on the Spectrum can be a regular blog link to share posts by all the amazing parents out there with children on the sprectrum that share their stories and opinions through blogs.

    I clicked on your link above for your post on Autism and Pets but it took me to your login page. Is it this page you were linking to? http://www.aspieinthefamily.com/2011/01/aspergers-and-pets/

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