Sneak Preview of Wikio’s Top 20 Health Blogs

Here is a sneaky preview of the top 20 UK health blogs for July as ranked by Wikio.  Congratulations to everyone who has made it into the top 20.

1 PsyBlog – Psychology Blog
2 A boy with Asperger’s
3 Sarah Boseley’s global health blog
4 Dr Grumble
5 Where Are My Knees?
6 Militant Medical Nurse
7 Confessions of a Serial Insomniac
8 Bad Medicine
9 Fergus’s Medical Files
10 Fighting Monsters
11 Purple Noise
12 Maternity Matters
14 National Death Service
15 Aspergers, family life and me
16 Bah! to cancer
17 the DeafBlog
18 PlanetOutreach-ASD
19 Carers blog
20 Lake Cocytus

Ranking made by Wikio

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