Silent Sunday





Silent Sunday

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10 Responses to Silent Sunday

  1. Lizbeth says:

    So beautiful!!!

    • Aspie in the family says:

      Thankyou!! Got some other lillies in bud; they’re white ones and are supposed to be even more heavily scented than these ones. Can’t wait!

  2. @somethingblue_2 says:

    Such beautiful colours x

    • Aspie in the family says:

      Thankyou; I was hoping to catch the colour. Now that the sun has been on them for a while the flowers are starting to look bleached.

  3. Aspie in the family says:

    Hi everyone, Im glad you enjoyed the picture. Its so satisfying being able to grow these magnificent flowers – I actually found them a lot easier to grow than I expected.

  4. these are fab! so big and bold! excellent

  5. Zee says:

    Beautiful. I grow lillies too, the scent is amazing x

  6. Jazzygal says:

    Beutiful picture.. if I try hard enough I can almost smell the beautiful scent!

    xx Jazzy

  7. Nicki Cawood says:

    Beautiful capture – I love the colours!

    • Aspie in the family says:

      Thankyou Nicki. If only I could send the aroma of these flowers through the network. If you like lillies and their scent, these are gorgeous plus they are nearly 5 foot in height.

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