Clay Marzo – positive about aspergers

Clay Marzo is a young man who is one of the world’s most talented surfers.  Some people believe he is a genius and could become the greatest surfer ever.  Certainly if you watch him surf, you will soon understand why people are describing him in this way.  But what is also interesting is that he has aspergers.  If you watch the video clip, you will hear how surfing is essential to his existence, in other words his surfing is his ‘special interest’.  It is also interesting to hear his mother’s reflections at the beginning of the video. 


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4 Responses to Clay Marzo – positive about aspergers

  1. Leonie Blows says:

    I’m like this with climbing mountains, only without the fitness. Or talent ;o)

    • Deb says:

      Wow, climbing mountains. That’s some achievement; I can’t do height very well and really have to have my feet on the ground:-)

  2. Deb says:

    Me too. I was fascinated with this young man’s relationship with the sea and how it has turned into an amazing talent. It reminded me a bit of my aspergers daughter and her attraction to the water. When we were on family holidays, as a toddler she showed an instinctive draw to the water and would often go crawling off in search of it. It was so unusual to see. We live far from the sea but even today she often expresses an urge to get to the seaside which we are desperately trying to arrange for later this year. xx

  3. Jean says:

    Wow. Clay is an inspiration to me. The word “inspiration” is so overused that it often loses it’s meaning, but this man gives me so much hope for what my own son could achieve . XXX

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