A new feature for my blog

I will be introducing a new feature for my blog called The Weekend Book Review in which I will review a book or ebook every weekend.  As an avid reader ever since childhood, I am looking forward to doing this as it will give me an excuse to read and record my favourite books which you also may find interesting.

To launch this I have chosen an ebook written by 12 year old Devin Moffit who has Aspergers syndrome.  The book is called Cheesecake Jr In the  Future and describes the exploits of Charlie Cage Williams Jr and his friend Ronald Hinkleton who travel forward in time to the year 2311 AD.  They find themselves in a city where buildings resemble  bread, food  is cooked through a computer and where lessons are taught by robot-teachers.  But once there things don’t quite go to plan when they find their travel machine has been destroyed.  Will they ever find their way back home?
I liked this book because it is very imaginative with some great descriptions.  It is a short book that would particularly appeal to those older children or teenagers who enjoy fantasy or time travel stories.  But whether or not you or your children are into this type of read, this is a great book that shows the creative side of Aspergers.  Indeed, Devin Moffit is a talented young author whose work sends out a positive message to other people, particularly to those young people with Aspergers. 
The ebook can be downloaded for free from https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/60176
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10 Responses to A new feature for my blog

  1. Susan says:

    >Hi, this is Devin Moffit. Thank you all for reading my book. It's nice to know that I've made my first publication. There will be more soon in the future (heh heh heh). I'm glad you liked my first book and I hope you will like my others when they come.

  2. Deb @ Aspie in the family says:

    >Hi CJ, it made me smile too, reading this story from this young author as it was so imaginative. Its great that Amy finds an outlet in her blog too – just goes to show that autistic children can achieve things. I know my son and daughter have imaginations but they can't express them in writing yet. But with my son it comes out via computer design and my daughter in her artwork, but its there. xx

  3. Crystal Jigsaw says:

    >This sounds really fabulous. It always makes me smile when I hear of a child on the autistic spectrum having such a wonderful imagination. When Amy was diagnosed at 3 with autism, the specialist said she would never have an imagination. How wrong she was. Amy now has her own blog where she writes her own stories. I wonder if that woman has ever seen them.

    CJ xx

  4. Deb @ Aspie in the family says:

    >Hi Casdok, thanks for commenting.

    Hi Rambling Pages – its great to be able to show our children what other children have achieved.

  5. The Rambling Pages says:

    >Sounds like a good read, good review so I might try & find this one.

  6. Casdok says:

    >Sounds excellent!

  7. Deb @ Aspie in the family says:

    >Hi Lizbeth – totally agree. I hope this young author can show to people just how creative and imaginative people with aspergers can be.

  8. Lizbeth says:

    >I love this as it does show that our children do have an imagination, and quiet a vivid one at that! Thanks for the recommendation!

  9. Aspie in the family says:

    >Hi Looking for Blue Sky – I'm looking forward to sharing this with my children too and to show them what can be achieved if you have Aspergers.

  10. Looking for Blue Sky says:

    >I'd love to get this for my aspie boy, thanks for the recommendation :)

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