Reflections on the Royal Wedding

I wouldn’t describe myself as a royalist.  I don’t collect memorabilia or aspire to shake hands with royalty or anything like that but I still found myself getting caught up with the excitement and buzz of the Royal Wedding.  I loved the opportunity to get together with family, enjoy good food and wine and to share the experience of watching the Royal wedding unfolding on my television screen.  For my children this event was a first; they have never watched a royal wedding before so motivated by their natural interest I encouraged them to observe a piece of British history in the making.  And what an enthralling day it was.  From watching the bride emerge in her beautifully elegant gown to the royal couple marrying in the splendour of Westminster Abbey to the carriage procession through the streets of London and the kisses on the balcony of Buckingham Palace – there was a lot for my children to visually  feast their eyes on.  Of course it was not just about the pomp and circumstance of a royal wedding, it was also about the British people and those from overseas too who have joined in and celebrated this event.  From the cheering and flag-waving crowds in London  to the decorated street parties and other celebrations across our land, the Royal Wedding  has been a day in which to share the hopes and happiness of a young couple starting out together who may also one day be our King and Queen.  It has been a day in which the British people could come together as a nation and forget our differences and challenges that pervade our lives and that of our nation.  It was a day to enjoy being British.

A little something for you to enjoy or to relive - returning to Buckingham Palace.

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