I don’t know about you but ….

I enjoy joining in with the occasional meme.  They are fun and they give me an opportunity to write about something different and to show that although I am a mum of autistic children, I also share the same challenges and joys as those mums and dads whose lives are unaffected by autism.  For those of you new to the blogosphere, memes are a way of linking a particular blog post with other blogs by writing on a particular theme.  The meme for this post is entitled I don’t know about you but I…..  It was created by O Mammy (click on her blog here) to inspire us to write about something in life that annoys or niggles us.  So taking on this challenge, this post will take a lighthearted look at my frustrations of living with a hormonal teenage daughter. 

I don’t know about you but I get fed up and cross when my teenage daughter  

  1. dumps everything on her bedroom floor and I mean everything. 
  2. never hangs up her clothes - the wardrobe that me and her dad bought from Ikea and which we painstakingly glued together a few years ago stands there looking as new as the day we bought it.
  3. goes on and on about how her friends’ mums are marvellous trendy women with fantastic careers.  Really?  Who are these women and what are their secrets to success?  It seems to have bypassed me.
  4. refuses to be seen in public with me unless she wants me to buy her something.  GRrrrr.
  5. cracked up laughing when I told her I was on twitter – I really don’t get why this is so funny!
  6. uses up all the decent bath towels so that I am forced to use the little Nemo bath towel that we bought years ago when our children were little – really it is not a flattering look for a 40+ year old woman.
  7. complains there is no food in the house even when I have just spent over £100 on the weekly food shop.  I keep telling her I don’t provide a hotel service here but then I get the argument starting with “Well my friend’s mum cooks ……………”.  Sigh ………..
  8. sprays so much deodorant, perfume and hairspray that the rest of us are left coughing and the neighbour’s son whose bedroom adjoins my daughter’s bedroom (we live in a semi detached house) is forced to open every single window for ventilation!
  9. and the thing that makes me most cross is that she keeps telling me how to parent her autistic brother.

But for all of this, I love my teenager.  She is clever, funny and artistic and when she isn’t so preoccupied with studying for her GCSE’s she will prepare a family meal for us.  She has had to put up with a lot of restrictions to a normal family life as the result of having an autistic brother but nevertheless she became so concerned about her brother’s experience in education that she spoke up for autistic people and their right to an inclusive education in a school debate.  I am a proud mum, albeit a cross one sometimes.

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8 Responses to I don’t know about you but ….

  1. Aspie in the family says:

    >Hi Oh Mammy – thanks for the lovely comment and for starting this link off. Have to admit that I cringed a bit when I read back some of this, particularly the messy bedroom – I thought oops sounds like me!!

  2. Oh Mammy says:

    >I love this and cringe at thinking what I was like as a teenager! Thanks for joining in. Your blog is fab! xx

  3. Aspie in the family says:

    >Hi Jazzygirl – she is lovely really but there are times when I just want to scream – she creates so much mess and laundry and then there is the backchat as well. x

    Hi Fiona – My eldest started to get cheeky at about 10 as well and then I next noticed an explosion of attitude and moods when she was in year 8 when she was 12 or 13 and pushing the boundaries. Got through that but now she's 15 moving on to 16 its a case of pulling back a bit. I have no idea how long my daughters' teenage angst is going to last except to say that she does seem slightly better than a year ago when she was really awful. Not much reassurance for you really – sorry Fiona. x

  4. Fiona says:

    >I'm just starting to get this with the 10 year old. My cute little boy is disappearing and this 'thing' is starting to emerge. Bedroom wrecked, "I've told you to tidy that up." "I've done it." "No you haven't."
    Everything I do seems to be criticized and solutions I attempt to offer to his problems are dismissed.
    Just one question…how long does this go on for?????!!!!!!

  5. jazzygal says:

    >Aww..she sounds irritatingly wonderful! A typical teen. My pre-teen is sooo heading her way. The attitude and the things he says to me. really. His most recent parody of a song (he LOVES changing lyrics) is….'Ugly woman….walking down the street'!!


    xx Jazzy

  6. Aspie in the family says:

    >Hi Looking for Blue Sky – I have learnt to go with her, but at times the mess she creates really gets to me. She's is a pretty good kid generally but I really don't like being told how bad I am as a parent to her brother. I remember reading something similar in your blog post and empathising with you.xx

    @ The Paw Relations – Hi there and thanks for popping in (I like your picture by the way, it reminds me of my old cat). I cringed a bit as I was writing this as I felt I was describing some of myself as a teenager.

  7. The Paw Relations says:

    >I am a mother of an autistic teenage daughter and goodness, I could have written half of that post.

    Was I think horrid as a teenager? What scares me is I was probably worse!

    Herding Cats x

  8. Looking for Blue Sky says:

    >I think all teenagers are like that. After all it is supposed to be a rebellious phase and wouldn't you worry if they were too perfect? Mine does most of these as well, but we sailed through the teenage years without any major crises, we still talk, and we get on really well most of the time – my relationship with my parents didn't recover for years. She's not my little girl any more, she's my grown up daughter. And sometimes she doesn't like the way I parent either, as you saw in my latest post!

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