Gosh, I’ve been nominated for an award …

MAD Blog Awards 2011

You may have spotted on the right-hand side a badge that says ‘I’m nominated’ and you may be wondering what this is all about, particulaly if you’re reading this blog from outside the UK.  Well every year the MADS celebrate the diversity and community of Great British mum and dad bloggers by presenting various blog and blogger awards.  This year there are 15 categories one of which is Most Inspiring MAD Blogger for which I have been nominated for. 
This came as a wonderful surprise yesterday whilst I was on twitter and I got caught up in the excitement of other bloggers chatting and whooping with delight at their nominations.  It was very catching and great fun so I decided to have a peep on the MADS list to see if I could see some of my favourite bloggers.  So there I was scanning the lists and enjoying recognising some great bloggers when I got to the inspiring category and there nestled in between some very big blog names was my blog, aspieinthefamily.  I had to look twice; well I actually had to keep returning to the list during the day to see if my blog was still there, I was that surprised.  But the other highlight of my day was my son’s response to this news.  When I told him I had a nomination he immediately bounced around the house shouting that “mum has won, mum has won”.  Today I’m still trying to explain to him what the word nomination means and that mum hasn’t won, that mum might not win but that she is still very happy to be nominated!!
And of course it is an absolute delight to be nominated and to the person or people who have nominated my blog, thank you so much.  It has been a lovely boost for me and a great source of motivation for me to continue to write about life with an autistic son and now an autistic girl.

Oh and before I sign off, there is still time for people to nominate their favourite blogs at http://www.the-mads.com/nominate.htm - you don’t have to be a blogger to vote either.  The more nominations a blog receives in a particular category the greater the chance that that blog will have in getting through to the finals.  So if you feel this blog is worthy please nominate it.  It would be fabulous if this bog got into the finals as this would be a wonderful opportunity for us to spread awareness of the autistic spectrum and to also connect with others who are on similar journeys.

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6 Responses to Gosh, I’ve been nominated for an award …

  1. Aspie in the family says:

    >Thankyou @Susan. x

  2. Susan says:

    >Congratulations, you deserve your nomination x

  3. Aspie in the family says:

    >Thanks Apples and Autobots. x

  4. Apples and Autobots says:


  5. Aspie in the family says:

    >Steph – it was a wonderful surprise that has really lifted my spirits – thankyou. One thing I do have to say to you and everybody else who comments and follows me is that this blog would not be what it is without your involvement. When we interact through our comments in particular, I think it brings in other peoples' experiences and thoughts that I hope help others who are on similar journeys.

  6. Steph says:

    >it was me! well actually I'm sur eit was lots of people :) you write well and it's nice to see your updates so thanks x

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