There’s an alien in my family!

As part of an Everybody Writes event, my younger daughter’s class at school recently produced a book on aliens.  The aim of Everybody Writes is to think of ways to fuel childrens’ imagination and encourage them to express their ideas in words and/or pictures.  My daughter’s school used the following scenario:-

During one week in September, something very unusual happened at school.  There were strange circular burnt markings on the field.  It looked almost as if rocket boosters from an alien craft had scorched the grass and left their marks for all to see.  How had it happened?  Who had left the marks?  Why were strange things happening around school?  What about the footprints?  Who had written these strange notes?

My daughter really enjoyed this.  Even though she struggles with writing and reading, she produced this picture which makes me smile because I often wonder whether the reference to chocolate is a reference to me!!

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6 Responses to There’s an alien in my family!

  1. SuperLittleMen says:

    >I think space is on the school agenda at the monment as my sons are learning about space at the minute,so we are having lots of conversations about aliens and spaceships. My youngest was worried at the weekend when the sun made a brief apperance as he had obviously been told that you can't get near to the sun otherwise you will burn up, and we had tears about going outside because we would all disappear!

  2. Aspie in the family says:

    >Apples and Autobots – we had a very similar thing recently, especially when my daughter found out that a giant meteor wiped out the dinosaurs!

  3. Apples and Autobots says:

    >For about five minutes my son was obsessed with the idea that a meteor was going to crash into earth, somehow managing to land right on our house. Yeah, night time when the stars were out kinda sucked around our place for a while!

  4. Aspie in the family says:

    >@ Apples and Autobots – funny thing is we had a stage when we daren't mention the words 'planet' and 'earth' because she would get really anxious about the myth going round the playground that the world is going to end in 2012.

    @ Lora – thank you. She does have a good imagination and can produce some great pictures which somestimes helps me to understand her emotions which she can find hard to talk about.

  5. Lora says:

    >What a great imagination!

  6. Apples and Autobots says:

    >How does your daughter know about my home planet?

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