Fill in the blanks!

Jontybabe at Its a Crazy World has tagged me in this meme (thanks Jonty), so here goes:-

I am 5 foot 6 and a half inches.  That extra half an inch is becoming really important now because my teenage daughter is now hovering above me and my son is catching me up.  My younger daughter still has a way to go but she is tall for her age and I’m sure will one day be like her leggy sister.  And of course my OH is over 6 foot; hence the tall children.  So I’m hanging on to that half an inch because it won’t be long before my lot joke about me being a short a***!

The bravest thing I have ever done is not a physical one but an emotional one.  A few years ago my son became ill very quickly whilst I was in the last few months of my degree.  I wont go into the nature of my son’s illness and the reasons why he became ill, for this is something that I will be writing about very shortly.  However, what I will say is that the sudden onset of his illness caused my studies to abruptly stop for my son needed a lot of care and rehabilitation that only I could do.  However, after a couple of weeks of not being able to do any studying, I realised that I had to continue with my studies, not just for me but for my children.  I was determined to get the degree that I had once dreamed of as a teenager and to show my children that education was for life.  But it was so so hard.  I had to put to the side all my sorrow and despair that I felt about my son’s situation in order to focus on my work.  So in between caring for my son, I had to squeeze in my studies in whatever way I could and I am glad to say it paid off.  I got a really good degree as well as recognition from my University for my academic achievements.

I feel prettiest when …..  Oh, this is a hard one.  Pretty is not a word I would ever use to describe me but if I lost some weight and could wear some tighter jeans and a pretty blouse, then I think I might have a chance to be a bit pretty.

Something that keeps me awake at night.  Worry and anxiety keeps me awake at night.  I worry about all my children and what the future holds for them.  I worry about whether my elder daughter will ever get to university to study medicine (her goal), I worry what the future holds for my son and whether he will ever manage an independent life and I also worry about my younger daughter and the challenges she faces.  Sometimes, I feel an acute pressure to live a very long life so I can make sure they are all looked after. 

My favourite meal is chicken casserole with vegetables and brown rice or potatoes.  It has to be brown rice; I absolutely adore brown rice.  I also enjoy a baked potato out of the oven with massive helpings of salad including rocket which I love.

The way to my heart is kindness, patience and the ability to listen to me and laugh with me, even when I do sometimes talk too much!   

I want to be valued more as a mother in society.  I have experienced intimidation from some professionals as I fought to find support for my son and I realised that many of the barriers I faced were attitudinal.  It felt that because I was a mother I wasn’t seen as an expert on my own son and therefore not worthy of being treated as an equal.  Its time we stopped this power battle and that professionals and parents all work together in the interests of all our children. 

Well, that’s it from me.

I am not going to tag anyone in particular, but if you are reading this would you like to do one please so that we can find out a little about you!

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4 Responses to Fill in the blanks!

  1. Aspie in the family says:

    >Hi SLM; thank you for your lovely comment. I shall be going to your blog now and catch up with all your news!

  2. SuperLittleMen says:

    >I really do enjoy reading your blog, always good!

    By the way, I have a giveaway on my blog at the moment which is for tesco shopping vouchers, so please leave a message on my blog to take part, the more the merrier!

  3. Aspie in the family says:

    >Hi Steph – it was good fun, though a bit hard especially the bravery bit.

  4. Steph says:

    >Good luck with the weight loss – shall we do it together?! ;)
    I did one of these lists too, over at
    was fun, wasn't it?!

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