5 things that make me feel good


Scottish Mum has started a tag on 5 things that make you feel good.  So I thought I would join in.  Not only will it help you to find out a bit more about me but it will also challenge me to think positively about myself.  And it is a challenge because the last few years have taken their toll on me.  You see, since becoming a mother, particularly of special needs children, I have gradually become out of touch with the woman I once was before I became ‘mum’.  Advocating for my son and fighting the system has left me tired and lacking in confidence.  I think this is all too common so Scottish Mum’s challenge is a reminder to us all who parent or care for someone to take some time out and think about ourselves.  And asking ourselves to think about 5 things that make us feel good is a start, don’t you think?  So, here’s my list.
  1. I like my blonde hair.  I am just over 40 and it is still blonde with no signs of identifiable grey.
  2. Music makes me feel good.  I am always listening to music which can include pop music, chill music, classical and 80’s music.  When no-one is looking, I dance in the kitchen to the radio.  When my teenage daughter caught me out the other day, you should have seen the look of horror on her face.  It doesn’t stop me though, I still dance when I am cooking the tea.
  3. My blog makes me feel good.  To be able to write about my experiences and share them with YOU makes me feel good.  I love reading other peoples blogs too. 
  4. Getting a degree and attending my graduation ceremony made me feel very good.
  5. Doing pilates makes me feel good.  This is my one night off a week where I escape motherhood, family, special needs and autism.  It is time to be me, stretch my limbs, relax and be with my pilates friends.
So there you go, a bit about me.  Now are you going to have a go?


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10 Responses to 5 things that make me feel good

  1. Aspie in the family says:

    >Hi Kate and thanks for dropping by. My arms are pretty feeble; I could never do the bars and ropes at school so pole dancing is out for me. I think I would spend too much time laughing in any case. Nice to meet you too and will pop over to your blog soon (great name for a blog BTW):-)

  2. Kate Collings says:

    >Hi have hopped on over from 'Two men, a cat and me' great post. I love Pilates but dont do enough of it since having Youngling. By the way Pole Dancing is so much fun but boy does it hurt your arms ;-) Great to meet you xxx

  3. Aspie in the family says:

    >Hi, Inside the Wendy House (great name, reminds me of my childhood) – thanks for popping in. Thanks for following; will pop along to your blog when I have some free time. x

    Hi jontybabe – Pole dancing! Where do you get your energy from? x

  4. jontybabe says:

    >I think I can dance like one of the kids from Fame! I can't! I don't care! I even took pole dancing classes last year! lol. I'm crap at it! I just have no shame!

  5. Inside the Wendy House says:

    >I've popped across after doing my 5 things post and linking up! Dancing madly is such a therapeutic thing to do…even though the teens don't understand!! I am battling grey hairs but giving in gracefully. I can't beat it so I may as well learn to love it! I'm following you now :) xxx

  6. Aspie in the family says:

    >@ hellow QWERTY mum, glad you're happy with your hair; I just want to keep my blonde as long as possible. Thanks for follow; I'll pop along to your blog when I have a moment.

    @ Lora – have to admit I have to sometimes force myself out to my pilates class but once I've done an hour of it, feel good.

  7. Lora says:

    >I know what you mean about losing touch with the woman that you used to be.

    Wish that I had the discipline to do a pilates class, heck I do good just to make it out the door to walk the dog!

  8. Aspie in the family says:

    >@ helloitsgemma – glad to know I'm not the only one who 'dances in the kitchen'. Good thing about being blonde is that if there are any greys, you can't see them!

  9. QWERTY Mum says:

    >I am 47 and I have definite streaks of grey in my hair. I have to say that I actually really like my grey. Never thought I would but I do. I insist on calling it silver though!
    Following you now :)

  10. helloitsgemma says:

    >good list, come and dance round the kitchen with me! I had dancing rather than music, but I guess I need the music. I am very jealous of your hair – I am forever trying to battle the grey!

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