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Part 8 – The onset of mental health problems

It was February 2009 and the beginning of the week before half-term when my 10-year old son complained of tummy ache.  As he was prone to occasional stomach/bowel upsets, I did not worry too much and just assumed that he had contracted a stomach … Continue reading

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Fill in the blanks!

Jontybabe at Its a Crazy World has tagged me in this meme (thanks Jonty), so here goes:- I am 5 foot 6 and a half inches.  That extra half an inch is becoming really important now because my teenage daughter … Continue reading

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Part 7 – The psychologist’s report and school

A few months after my son’s diagnosis in 2008, we received a comprehensive report from the child psychologist.  I found this an emotional read, because there it was in black and white, all the difficulties that my son faced.  Nevertheless, … Continue reading

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5 things that make me feel good

  Scottish Mum has started a tag on 5 things that make you feel good.  So I thought I would join in.  Not only will it help you to find out a bit more about me but it will also … Continue reading

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Not all hoodies are thugs

I was in a coffee shop recently when a teenager wearing a hooded top sat on the next table.  He was minding his own business, as was I, but I couldn’t help but notice that other customers were giving him … Continue reading

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Part 6 – Telling my son he is autistic

After learning about our son’s autistic disorder in the spring of 2008, we did not immediately tell our son.  For one thing, we were not ready; we needed time to get over the shock of the diagnosis and to learn about his … Continue reading

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Blogging is helping boys to write

Listening to the news this morning, I was very interested to learn how Heathfield Primary School in the north of the country were using blogs as a way to help children to develop their writing.  It is reported that this has had … Continue reading

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A bit of light relief!

As my children are getting older, I find myself continually struggling with keeping on top of the laundry.  So when I found this cartoon, I felt quite reassured that someone somewhere understands my predicament, for our bin is rarely below stage … Continue reading

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Going out

Going out with our autistic son can be difficult.  We are never sure whether he will cope or whether he will get into ‘flight mode’ and want to get out of a situation very quickly.  A lot depends on our … Continue reading

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There’s an alien in my family!

As part of an Everybody Writes event, my younger daughter’s class at school recently produced a book on aliens.  The aim of Everybody Writes is to think of ways to fuel childrens’ imagination and encourage them to express their ideas … Continue reading

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