Blog Gems – 7 things about me

As a new blogger,  I thought I would try out the Blog Gem challenge on revealing 7 things about me.  Here I go:-

1.    I am blonde and have never ever put any colour on it, I promise.  This attitude is due to effective mind control by my mother who used to regularly tell me as a teenager not to dye my hair as it was such a beautiful colour.  So, I didn’t.  However, this may change.  I have warned my family that when I visually notice a grey hair or two I will be rushing to the hairdressers.  I may not have to wait long; I looked at my mane the other day and I’m sure the colour was different!  Fortunately I can’t get to the mirror very often as my teenage daughter is usually hogging it.  Actually she too has blonde hair and I keep telling her never to dye her hair !!!

2.    I own an allotment but because of my son’s issues I struggle to get there.  So my husband tends it on his own.  Instead I have a tiny plot at the top of our back garden.  Altogether we harvest potatoes, onions, cabages, tomatoes, beans, courgettes and cucumbers but not enough unfortunately to sustain us through winter. 

3.    I love jumpers.  If it wasn’t so socially unacceptable I would wear them all year.  My favourite one at the moment is a pinky/purply one that I got from a supermarket sale.

4.    I do not own a mobile phone.  I am under a lot of pressure from my family to get one but I am  resisting.  I have advised my teenage daughter to get a mobile phone for her safety when she is out and about!  She is resisting.

5.    I have been doing voluntary work for the last few years helping adults in numeracy and literacy classes.  I love voluntary work and being a part of the community and I love helping adults who have learning difficulties.

6.    I enjoy reading, a lot.  One of most favourite books ever is Robert Graves book Goodbye to all that.  Robert Graves (1895-1985) was a British poet and novelist.  This novel is an account of his life until he left England in 1929.  It charts his life at public school, his time spent as an officer in the First World War and also his unhappy marriage.  Whilst the book is famous for its narrative of the first world war, I found it fascinating to read his frank account of his role as father and husband.  A very brilliantly written book that I must read again. 

and finally,

7.    I like kitchen gadgets.  My favourite at the moment is my coffee machine.  A cup of coffee in one of my nicest cups picks me up when things around me are falling apart.

Well this is a bit about me.


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13 Responses to Blog Gems – 7 things about me

  1. Aspie in the family

    >To mumsarcade – I actually found it quite challenging to do a blog gem but once I got going I deliberately chose jumpers and mobile phones cos I get a lot of stick about them from my family! Great to hear that other people hate mobile phones.

    To Casdok – good to hear from another jumper and coffee fan around!

  2. >I love purple jumpers and coffee!!

  3. >I think these sort of things are great at giving a quick snapshot of a person and also reminding that person that they are an individual beneath all the labels (wife, mum etc)
    I recently got a lovely long grey wrap around cardigan from a charity shop. Felt very indulgent to give him to sloppy but warm style but I love it to bits. Soft and grey, gorgeous.
    And I loathe mobile phones but husband insists on me having one but I lose it on purpose all the time.
    You sound so interesting so I look forward to finding out more about you

  4. Aspie in the family

    >Hi SuperLittleMen – I love those comfort jumpers too; I also have a cream bubbly one with a big squashy polar neck. Might wear that today; we're due more snow!!

  5. >I call them jumpers too, always have done and too have a great love of them, especially those 'comfort' ones! I started dying my hair when I saw far too many grey hairs at my temples, but always use a semi permenant as I have a thing about seeing roots, I am so dark it probably wouldnt be a problem but even so!

  6. Aspie in the family

    >@ Matt – don't get me started on politics; had a row with my MP on my doorstep last night!

  7. Aspie in the family

    >@ Jean and Apples and Autobots – great to hear you're jumper/sweater fans too. Might do a blog entry on this one day! xx

  8. Apples and Autobots

    >I am a huge fan of sweaters AND coffee! I love finding kindred spirits!

  9. >D'oh! Volunteer work! I knew there was something I was supposed to be doing? You would think a raving lefty nutcase like me would be more socially responsible! Gah! I'm destroying my liberal cred!

  10. >I always say jumpers too (maybe some people call them sweaters??)…and I love my jumpers!!
    I've been dying my hair since my mid twenties as I started going grey ridiculously young. Hate that! XXX

  11. Aspie in the family

    >Hi Jen – not on twitter yet (thinking about it though). Not sure if my family could take me doing that just yet; they're just getting used to mum being a blogger. I'm curious about 'jumpers' though – what do people call them then? I must get out more.

  12. >Are you on twitter? my handle is @jencull but I may have you there already, must check

  13. >Yaaay, great to have you joining in. I never dyed my hair either, I have red hair and just was never sure what would work, so didn't bother.

    Oh, I looooove the fact that you call jumpers jumpers because I do too and people laugh at me (kindly though) for it but it really is the best word :D

    I love my coffee gadgets too, I think we might be bloggy soul mates!!


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