The Health Visitor

His two year development check with the Health Visitor also failed to pick up on my sons difficulties, in part because I think she exhibited gendered stereotypes and did not ask the right questions of me to elicit certain information that could have pointed us towards further check ups.  Taking my son to the doctors was always a nightmare in his early years; he would always run round and I continually struggled to control him.  Taking him for his developmental check up was no different.  The Health visitor and I struggled to get him to sit still and complete the tasks that were used to assess his development.  I recall her saying to me that boys were often slow in comparison to girls and that the development goals in the book were often biased towards the girls anyhow!  Nevertheless, I note from his Health Record Book, alias the little red book, that the Health Visitor records how my son built a tower with cubes, had some clear words and understands when wet but he would continue to be observed as he was not joining words.  I recall leaving that check up not feeling totally satisfied with the attitude that my son’s issues were just because he was a boy and, as such, a slow developer. 

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