Back to school – a new beginning

The October half-term break has ended and my three children have returned to their different schools – a teenage daughter in year 11 in secondary school, a son in year 8 in a special school and my youngest daughter in year 5 in primary school.  Sounds ordinary doesn’t it?  Nothing special to blog about, you may add.  I mean millions of families have half term and millions of children go back to school.  But for my family, the fact that our son is going to school (and is HAPPY too) remains an amazing achievement for him and us, something that over a year ago we never thought would happen.  For eighteen months ago, my son, who has an autistic spectrum disorder (ASD), was so unwell that he could barely leave ny side, let alone leave the house and attend school.  Through my blog, I will write about our battle to get our son diagnosed, our battle to help him recover from severe anxiety and agoraphobia and our battle to get him into special school.  I hope that you will join me as I also share some of the ups and downs of living with ASD and the impacts on family life, particularly as we venture into the murky world of ‘the autistic teenager’!! 

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